History Friday

Sorry, I’ve been sidetracked away from history for way too long.

Since February is Black History month and much of Black History has been erased by progressives, here’s a story you probably don’t know.

A former black slaved named Jack Sisson was a hero of the Revolutionary War. In case you forgot, that war won us independence from the British and predated the Constitution.

The Americans wanted to kidnap British Brigadier General Richard Prescott, Commander of the British forces in Newport, Rhode Island. Since this was a risky operation where all involved could have been killed, the American commander asked for volunteers. He got 20 black soldiers and 20 white soldiers who agreed to try.

Funny how race was immaterial in 1777.

You can read about more here, some details I got from other accounts: https://www.revolutionarywarjournal.com/jack-prince-sisson/

Jack was the hero because he knocked out Prescott, picked him up and carried him to the waiting Americans who did successfully kidnap him. He was kidnapped because they needed a prisoner to exchange for one of theirs.

If real history was being taught every race would have heroes to look up to. Blacks have many they know nothing about.

Systemic racism is a figment of progressive imaginations meant to keep us apart. It doesn’t exist.

The below appeared on Facebook this week after Aunt Jemina got erased. Look at all those racists surrounding this real life lady, I think I heard she got rich from use of her image. Details details.

15 thoughts on “History Friday

  1. Thanks for this.
    There is also some very interesting writings by Professor Tony Martin of Wellesley College (a Trinidad-born scholar of Africana Studies) on slavery in the colonies (and afterward) that are real eye openers.
    As we know, following the money usually leads one in the direction of the truth.

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    1. Pepsico owns the Aunt Jemima brand (acquired it in 2001 through a somewhat hostile deal with Quaker Oats, which had owned the brand since the 1920s). What Pepsico (a truly evil globalist filthy cesspool) FAILS TO MENTION in its current virtue signaling is that Pepsico and Quaker have faced (and are currently facing) numerous lawsuits by ancestors of the original Aunt Jemima (Nancy Green) along with ancestors of the subsequent black women who fronted the brand, because neither Quaker nor Pepsico even paid them pittance royalties for making their somewhat pedestrian pancake mix and sugar syrup a runaway global success. Interesting to note that Nancy Green was “crushed to death” by an automobile in Chicago in 1923. So, again, we see the virtue-signaling “liberal” global company screwing the black folks. Again and again and again. For money.


      1. Addendum: Here is an article from the New York Slimes from three days ago.

        A notable quote: “Those white men made billions appropriating blackness & hopefully rotting in hell.”
        Not mentioning, of course, that “those white men” are the current and past executives at Quaker Oats and Pepsico. Who are now the “heroes.”
        See the hypocrisy?


      2. Nancy Green was NOT the original “Aunt Jemima”, she was in fact one of the many actresses hired to portray the character through out the history of the brand.

        The person who created the pancake mix was Chris L. Rutt and Charles Underwood sold a self-rising pancake flour in the 1880’s. They named it after the Minstrel enslaved Mammy character “Aunt Jemima.” The character was played in black face by actors with an aprons and kerchiefs The term “Aunt” and “Uncle” was used in the South for former slaves who were denied use of courtesy titles, such as “mistress” and “mister”.

        Here is the original character: https://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/news/jimcrow/antiblack/images/auntjemima.jpg

        Perhaps the people posting here should do more research on offensive images that portrayed African Americans as less than human before you bloviate about race relations.

        Plus “Madison” you won’t know “Bolshevism” if it bit you in the butt. That goes double for “social justice”. It certainly is NOT a corporation coming into the 21 century and not using racist imagery.


  2. Well you happen to be 100 percent wrong. A character named “Aunt Jemima” appeared on the stage in Washington, D.C., as early as 1864. Inspiration for Aunt Jemima was American-style minstrelsy/vaudeville song “Old Aunt Jemima”, written in 1875. There was a minstrel show featuring the “Old Aunt Jemima” song in the fall of 1889, presented by blackface performers. The Aunt Jemima character is based on the enslaved “Mammy” that were popular both before the Civil War and especially after with Minstrel shows. Actors playing Aunt Jemima wore an apron and kerchief in black face. The person you claim to be Aunt Jemima was in fact an actress hired to portray her for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The company used black slavery imagery to sell their product. That has come to an end. The only people who are making this an issue are whites who are using their racism to express their fake outrage.


      1. Who cares?

        Your entire post is wrong. Never at any time did Nancy Green own the Aunt Jemima brand. She was in fact one of the many actresses hired to portray “Aunt Jemima”. The two men Chris Rutt and Charles Underwood owned the brand and named it “Aunt Jemima” after the minstrel Jim Crow character, Aunt Jemima. The only thing that Quaker Oats is “erasing” is a very offensive racist imagery. How many times do I have reiterate facts? Posting that screed implies that Quaker Oats is somehow doing away with an actual person which is far from the truth. Never at anytime was “Aunt Jemima” a real person, she was a stereotype based on the Mammy trope of docile slaves. Again if you’d do some research, you wouldn’t be passing on falsehoods.


    1. No, it is you who is 100% wrong. The only people who are making this an issue is the Board of Directors of Pepsico who are trying to get out of paying the ACTUAL black women who fronted the brand for them for decades and made them billions. As long as the money was flowing in, they couldn’t care less. And now all of a sudden they are “outraged” and “offended” by it. See them offering to pay reparations to the black women? You don’t. Actually, they are spending millions on lawyers to NOT pay them. And your racism baloney is no longer valid.


    2. I wonder if black comedians Tim Meadows and Tracy Morgan were as outraged as you were when they conceived the “Uncle Jemima’s Mash Liquor” skit when they were on SNL. I was in a mixed race room at the time it came on and black and white people were both laughing just as much. It became a comedy classic and I’m sure it helped both their careers. Save us the phony outrage and revisionist history.

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  3. Truthseeker: There’s a quiet meadow on a farm in Monroe county Iowa. It’s a tranquil place, there’s nothing there NOW. But 100 years ago it was a bustling town of 5,000 people or more all living in harmony. It was a nice place where people were PROUD to raise their children and where EVERYONE had a shot at a good life and job! In fact one of the wealthiest people in town was a fellow named Hobe Armstrong. He was respected by all in the town, even the BIG businesses! The town was named BUXTON, IOWA. Look it up. You might learn something that your history teacher overlooked.. And IF you choose to go there, they HAVE restored the cemetery! It’s full of history also.


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