More abuse last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Scott Black was missing last night!  More proof the elected Council representing the voters is just a campaign slogan.

I had to laugh during a discussion about the proposed storage facility in south Bloomington and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Nobody showed up to protest the ZBA approval, even though the meeting was advertised in the paper.  That may be what the law requires, but actual subscribers to the paper continue to decrease – so who saw it?  The City sends and email everyday and they have a website.  They need to start using it to announce items citizens need to be aware of.  The paper is immaterial in most homes.  The communications director should know that.

Jim Fruin spoke against expanding the role of government with the “Consideration of adopting a Resolution of Support for the Kalamaya Detention Basin Feasibility Study.”  His points were excellent, then he voted Yes anyway.  Core Values?

I had to turn the meeting off when David Hales presented his budget.  He and Patti-Lynn Silva were giddy praising the Council for creating the strong financial position of the City.  The Council was called courageous for raising your taxes over and over and over – especially the 1% Sales tax.  The ratings agencies will love it!  Renner has a Council unafraid of theft on a massive scale.  This clears the way for more borrowing and debt.

All praise and NO cuts!

You will never hear “cuts” mentioned again.  The City can now afford the lifestyle Renner wanted to create.  They have money to throw at union workers and downtown supporters.  It’s all about getting Renner re-elected.  Those people vote – the rest of you stayed home.  Anybody wanting to run next year needs to be campaigning now!  If primaries are needed, they will be early next year.  The municipal election is in April.  We will barely recover from the November election by then.

Watch as much of Hales as you can stand, just hit play.




3 thoughts on “More abuse last night

  1. The City sends notices about Public Works changes and other changes with the water bill. Too bad many people pay their bill online and never receive those notices.


  2. Scanning the proposal summary, it looks like there will be another structural deficit in 3 years because the projections indicate expenses outpacing revenue. Some non-infrastructe “line items” have increased by up to 300%. What is there to be giddy about? A cookie jar filled with newly baked cookies doesn’t last very long.


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