2015 eating & traveling on YOU

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night David Hales revealed his proposed budget with HUGE increases in spending.  If the Council has a death wish they will pass it as proposed.  History says the Council will tell David Hales to cut it.   Hales already has the cuts lined up, citizens are being played.  The Council just wants to look like heroes for demanding cuts.

In honor of the Renner/Hales budget, see how your “royalty” takes care of themselves – at your expense.

A reader analyzed P-Card spending for 2015.   P-Cards are a cross between a debit card and a credit card.  Whatever City employees buy with their card is paid in full once a month.  See the complete list of meals and some travel here:  P-Card Meals 2015-2

Total:  $11,166.11  Below are some of the biggest amounts.

top food/travel

Then there was travel, much of it by Tari Renner:

Just another $11,937.55

Not all travel/meals is charged to P-Cards, that information is just more difficult to obtain from Bills and Payroll.

Ever hear Tari say something totally off the wall and wonder why he thinks that way?  He learned it traveling.






2 thoughts on “2015 eating & traveling on YOU

  1. $11,937.55 for traveling…Sweet deal if you can find people stupid enough to let you get away with it!

    Oh…wait! That’s US!

    As an aside, could this fine analyst simply break down how many times Triple-taxin’ Teri’s name is associated with a food expenditure…of ANY kind. Thank you.


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