It’s on!

By: Diane Benjamin

If you raced to the polls for national elections and proudly wore your I Voted sticker, your vote barely mattered.

Your vote does matter in local elections!

Many races today will be won by less than 100 votes. Turnout will be the only deciding factor.

The elites and socialists are hoping you stay home, they will win.






6 thoughts on “It’s on!

  1. All family and friends in McLean County will be hitting the polls today.
    Gratitude, Diane, for giving us all the information we need to make WISE CHOICES!

  2. My appreciation also Diane for your informative posts.
    Saw these on Normal NextDoor yesterday till a monitor shut them down…

    How to Fix Wheel Damage. Wheels cannot be Fixed, Roads Must Be Fixed. Normal Mayor candidate (Marc Turitilli) and Council candidates (David, Karl, Steve) have pledged to MAKE ROADS A PRIORITY. Tuesday is ELECTION DAY. Normal’s roads have been NEGLECTED FOR TOO LONG. and your vote is crucial
    to the future of our community.

    STOP – Mailboxes are Full. Anyone find it Ironic? Normal’s Mayor and Council Incumbents flooding Citizens with unwanted communications…
    But Citizens who wish to communicate with them at Council Meetings have been restricted, unrecognized or denied for many years.
    After complaints were filed in 2020 and 2 Violation Rulings by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, these Same Town Leaders finally changed some Public Comment Restrictions. New Leadership at the Top will Give Citizens A New Voice in the future. VOTE CHANGE ON TUESDAY

  3. Proudly put my vote in, here’s hoping that we can have a return of sound fiscal governance to Normal with Marc deposing the overdrawn reign of Koos, and the election of Karl, David and Steve to the Council. Whatever happens going forward, I did my part here.

    1. Did you do your part, or Part of your part? They’re doing their best to shut down communication around the polling places as well – electioneering signs near my polling place are usually best described as ‘a forest’. But this year they were ‘sparse’ – until the election judges had what few were there removed.
      The rest of your part (which maybe you have done and just didn’t mention) is to remind / urge / etc somebody who’s thinking of not voting to go vote for the good guys! Your ‘extras’ might be the 11 that were needed last time to free us from Koos!

      1. Sorry, Karl. It is not anybody’s job to drag more people to the polls to get you or anyone else elected. It is your campaign or the campaign of others to build enthusiasm for your own campaigns that get people off their dead asses to do what they should be willing to do on their own. I get the point of the post but if people in BN care that little who represents them or how their taxes are spent they deserve the shitty government they get. By the way, good luck today and yes, I voted.

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