Zoom Link for today’s hearing

Today is a status hearing for the case of the three who filed petitions for offices the state requires Incorporated Towns to elect. The time is 10:30, other cases being heard prior may delay the start. This is the link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89709789509?pwd=dFdzNGRLVGFGdjlsWmQ4dC8rclBjUT09#success The public is allowed to watch the proceeding, I remember Judge Kording noticing how […]

The Devore filings:

By: Diane Benjamin Thomas Devore filed 2 documents and a summons for each of the three candidates who submitted petitions: ROBERT SHORAGA – Supervisor CHARLES SILA – Collector AMY CONKLIN – Clerk Since the documents are identical except for the names and copies of the petitions filed, I’m only posting 2 of the ones filed […]

Three file for offices in Normal that don’t exist yet

By: Diane Benjamin This morning three people filed for offices in Normal that will only exist because of Patrick Dullard’s stunt throwing the referendum off the ballot with the Town of Normal’s blessings. Judge Kording ruled Normal is an Incorporated Town, therefore the Town needs to comply with the law. Robert Shoraga filed to run […]

It’s on!

By: Diane Benjamin If you raced to the polls for national elections and proudly wore your I Voted sticker, your vote barely mattered. Your vote does matter in local elections! Many races today will be won by less than 100 votes. Turnout will be the only deciding factor. The elites and socialists are hoping you […]