Devore: Normal’s Motion to Dismiss

By: Diane Benjamin

I received what the Town of Normal’s lawyers filed with the court. Normal looks like they don’t care how much taxpayer money they spend fighting citizens. Look at all the attorneys listed in the filing:


This is what they filed:

The hearing is Friday, 1:30 in courtroom 5D.

The Motion to Dismiss attempts to reverse the arguments last September claiming Normal is an Incorporated Town. After Judge Kording ruled Normal is Incorporated, Normal now doesn’t want to be Incorporated. The Motion has all kinds of reasons claiming Normal doesn’t have to comply with Municipal Code that governs Incorporated Towns. (Normal is special!)

Incorporated Towns can’t have managerial form of government because that violates municipal code that clearly states what offices must be elected in Incorporated Towns: Supervisor, not unelected City Manager.

I wonder why Brian Day still has a job? If he hadn’t claimed Normal is an incorporated town to throw out the districts referendum the Town wouldn’t be in this mess. The parades of horribles as stated by Judge Kording has arrived. See why Normal is sparing no expense to defeat citizens?



17 thoughts on “Devore: Normal’s Motion to Dismiss

  1. The Mayor and his lackeys are so used to getting their custom order cakes and eating them with audacity, that this time when Koos got his slice, he put it back in the fridge after only one bite. His little fingers ended up sticky after all.

    The Mayor only wants to eat it when it’s convenient now that he finds out that it doesn’t have the rainbow sprinkles, maybe he just likes the frosting? Think he wants to go back to the original Normal Villages Pumpkin spice cake or keep diving down into the “incorporated” devils food cake recipe?

  2. Normal’s argument is we can’t have district elections because Normal is an incorporated town and we can’t have these positions be elected because Normal does not operate as an incorporated town. What the hell!!!

    Normal follows whatever rules they want and our council encourages it. Normal operates as a dictatorship or a kingdom. This is why the US broke from England.

    1. It’s been this way for years in the town of Normal and no one asked, questioned or dared to stand up against it. Uptown was built upon citizen apathy. Now, people are starting to notice and yes, it really is this way. Government by the Normal Town Council, for the Normal Town Council and of the Normal Town Council. I can only hope Normal is finally going to wake up in the next election and reverse course. Stan Nord needs reinforcements. This issue transcends party lines and a lot of people who would normally align with Koos are starting to notice that the emperor has no clothes.

      1. And the ballot is arranged so voting for Normal Town Council is easy –
        The bottom line is we need to vote for the bottom three.

  3. The summary seems to be that Normal believes the word “town” is interchangeable with the word “village” in state statues and court cases.

    1. Sogladigotout
      Normal just argued that “town” and “village” are NOT interchangeable to keep the districting question off the ballot. Now they have done a 180 to keep these offices from being elected. They will say anything to keep power. Winning is more important than doing what is right.

  4. Pam Reece’s delicate world is crumbling all around her and there’s no one to blame but herself. She played second fiddle to Peterson for years, then got her chance and has pissed it away in 5 short years. There will be nothing sweeter then watching this case result in her position being voted in. She got greedy, along with her “professional staff”, in thinking they were home free after the districting measure was shot down. Boy, were they wrong. Maybe some of staff can go with her when she leaves. The taxpayers would benefit greatly.

    1. For better or worse, many probably most of the town staff have civil service protections that mean it is difficult to fire them. Plus one needs to balance ‘cleaning house’ with ‘maintaining institutional knowledge’. So staff changes and improvements would necessarily to be gradual. It’s also possible some are ‘just following leadership direction so could simply be addressed with a change in leadership.
      One idea to nudge things in the right direction would be policies that encourage town employees to be actual townspeople, rather than ~60% out-of-towners as we have now.

  5. Pam Reece’s strategy is to outspend and delay the decision to the point it no longer matters. After the 26th, the names can’t be printed so the plaintiffs will abandon the suit. This will not be settled until after Pam has her minions lined up to run for these offices.

  6. The judiciary in McLean County backs the establishment. I would love to see Normal taken to task, but I don’t see a judge here going against the status quo.

  7. So now it appears the administration is using tax money to avoid State of Illinois Statute by hiring five Chicago attorneys. I guess if I was doing something illegal, who better to defend, than an attorney from Chicago! Expensive though.

  8. someone inform towns lawyer Normal doesn`t have apparent conformity ! That`s according to the current town clerk

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