FOIA Received: Fire Station #5

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

Shortly after posting this story yesterday I received what was called “a copy” of the extension request they had previously sent. I never received the request, maybe how it was written is why:

I have no idea what Titan Virgil means plus the original request is not information I requested.

Tuesday I had sent a PAST DUE notice to the Bloomington Clerk’s office, I did not receive a response.

According to the extension I should receive it today. I received it yesterday instead. Below is part of the FOIA:

Why does Bloomington have TWO reserve ambulances? To cover Normal when they are running calls in Hudson and Towanda?

I also FOIA’d the electricity bills for 4 months. I don’t know is heat is electric or gas, but the 4 months of bills ranged from a low of $926.12 in September to $1187.51 in December. The City is also paying themselves a local tax:

Since the City found a use for this never used as a fire station, I wonder if they will find as use for the never used water tower next. I’ve heard the homeowners association has met at the building in the past, I don’t know if they still are and if they pay to use the building. Maybe another FOIA is needed.



11 thoughts on “FOIA Received: Fire Station #5

  1. It’s all just money from the little plebes.

    City could use it to service their vehicles. Put a mechanic and a lift in there. We got a perfect place to Maintain the city fleet vehicles and trucks inside, out of the weather.

    I’m sure the mechanics/technicians would greatly love that.

    Also, could be utilized as a CIC for any state/federal agency, ie homeland security., State Police substation. Leased, sold, etc.

    Add a helipad and you have a future medivac building for Helicopters. (Aerocare/LifeVac)

    That’s three options for revenue production in 60 seconds. Wasted taxpayer dollars.

    Then kick Reese out of the subsidized housing and all the rest of the tenants. Sell all the city owned “apartments”. Lease office buildings like smart businesses do. Besides, it doesn’t look good living in a city owned property as a city “representative”.


  2. Please, before you blast those that protect you, educate yourself on FD operations.

    Think hard about this now. Say an engine, truck, squad, or ambulance goes down with mechanical issues, would you rather that company go out of service or have a reserve apparatus to replace it while fleet is fixing the issue? Taking one engine out of service, will cause a delay in service. Say a fire comes in in that companies still District, and the closest engine can’t respond because it’s OOS, you are now delaying getting water to the fire, the sole purpose of an engine company on a structure fire. A truck company? Vent, Enter, Search, so if that company is down for mechanical issues and there is no reserve, there is a delay. An Ambulance? The delay could be catastrophic. So, it’s always good to have extra(reserve) apparatus sitting in a protected building.


      1. At least it’s being used. Would you rather the reserve equipment sit in the elements? You also realize regardless of when it was built, nationwide there is a shortage of firefighters, so trying to fill the vacancies are a challenge. The fact remains that when the time comes, there is space available. Educate yourself before blabbing on.


          1. So, City Planners saw potential growth, so they did their job and planned. Would you rather them fall behind and if that growth happened, not be able to provide the fire protection that the city deserves to maintain a specific ISO rating, put lives and property in jeopardy, etc? You should really think things through, or would you prefer to remain in the stone ages?


  3. I think you meant, even worse. That being said, build it when you need it huh. So, from my experience, by the time you need it, it’s too late. I’m not aware of any cities that wait until a residential/commercial/mixed use area is developed before a firehouse or police substation is built. That’s why it’s called planning. You have a Continuity of operations and fill in the gaps before the gaps occur. It’s a bit strategic and maybe a bit over your head, but there is a method to the madness. Now, imagine, when this growth happens, protection is in place.


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