NO response to FOIA – Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

H/T a reader

This picture is of the NEVER used Fire Station #5 on Six Points Rd in Bloomington:

I filed a FOIA request on January 4, 2023 for any documents stating why public safety vehicles are parked in this fire station when it has never been used as a fire station. That FOIA was due a week ago and no extension was requested.

Bloomington built the station and then couldn’t afford to staff it 14 years ago. It’s been used for meetings by public officials and private groups.

I wrote this history of the Fire Station back in 2016:

Bloomington wasted close to $5,000,000 building this station. Now vehicles are parked in the station. Are these extra surplus vehicles? If that answer is yes, why haven’t I received a response to the FOIA?

If they are surplus, is it in the best interest of taxpayers to not sell them? Not used vehicles don’t age well. Are the vehicles there to be close to Rivian in case they have another fire?

I wonder if the station still leaks? Did Bloomington fix it somehow and not tell anyone?

If I ever receive the FOIA this story will be updated.



10 thoughts on “NO response to FOIA – Bloomington

  1. Fire Station #5 is located on the corner of Six Points Road and Rivian (Mitsubishi) Roadway. It was built to serve the predicted massive growth of Bloomington as a result of Mitsubishi, which didn’t materialize. Can the communities learn from history?

  2. Construction company took 90 feet high on the blueprint as 70 feet high for the water tower? lol

    Why I thought everyone for a backup vehicle buys a new one and stores it. Oops I meant to say the city of Bloomington.

    It looks like there is another fire truck in there also with a ladder extension. I wonder what that cost?

    Google search.
    “Fire trucks cost anywhere from $300,000 to over $1.5 million dollars depending on several factors. These factors include the type of truck, whether the truck is used, and how much optional equipment has been added to the truck.”

    What is sitting there ? I bet at least over $1 million.

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