It’s official! Local elections are partisan

By: Diane Benjamin

Colleen Reynolds wrote the WGLT article on the forum held last Saturday:

She never says in the article where it turned partisan. Nice job Colleen. Are you offended the local GOP held the event only 2 far left candidates for Bloomington Council didn’t attend?

Does Colleen think only WGLT should hold candidate forums? Not when Charlie Schlenker is the stenographer for the Town of Normal:

Maybe Colleen can do a REAL partisan story on this:

Why are 3 elected DEMOCRATS throwing a fundraiser for a

guy running for Bloomington Council?

If Pritzker going to fund Cody too?

Jordan Baker is a better choice. Democrats, especially during the lame duck session, have proven they don’t want to protect your rights or freedoms. All politics is local, quit voting for the partisan hacks democrats raise money for.

Will Colleen Reynolds and WGLT do a real story now about partisan politics in a non-partisan race? Don’t hold your breath.



9 thoughts on “It’s official! Local elections are partisan

  1. I do feel sorry for people stuck in BN that can’t do anything about it. I got out just in time. The future there really looks grim. Candidates on both sides promoting the same tired agendas. Nothing about real job creation and economic diversification. Even if your candidate wins you lose. Local media remains non- existent and a joke. That all said, the local, entrenched power structure likes it the way it is.

  2. I’ve said it for years. The County, City and Town are all going blue because the Democrats are involved in non-partisan races while the GOP refuses. I chalk this up to the RINOs who started getting on the GOP board.

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