More Cody Hendricks

By: Diane Benjamin

More on this story plus the NEW Ward 6 map:

The Democrat Party held an event for Hendricks. Note his opponent Jordan Baker wasn’t invited.

Don’t forget Democrats Dave Koehler and Sharon Chung held a fundraiser for him too:

Obviously Hendricks is running as a Democrat in a nonpartisan election in violation of Illinois law. Maybe Chung is teaching Cody that laws don’t matter when you have the ability to make them irrelevant. (See Normal Sharon)

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  1. That’s a fair criticism. But in the interest of fairness, it id also worth pointing out that Wurth, Jada, Emery, and Frank are running as Republicans in a non partisan election and have taken money from them as well.

      1. Cool! I’ll ask Pritzker that question as soon as you ask the Bloomington Police Department why they’re buying Council seats.

          1. Ok. Then it’s equally justified for Pritzker to spend money opposing candidates that seek to handcuff and defund schools.

        1. Why do other unions buy their candidates with the expection to get city contracts? The police union is not “buying” candidates. Tell me how the police would benefit by “buying” candidates?

        2. Not very bright? The union can donate money as they see fit. Just like the Labor Union can. It is not BPD. Facts matter. Get yours correct. .

  2. Gleason and Mboka don’t care that Cody is a leftest. Mboka wants to built things and spend money so when JB runs for President he can get a job in DC. Gleason wants to keep increasing the city budget to show other “progressive” cities he knows how to spend spend spend..

  3. Actually, that law Diane cites is written in a way that allows a candidate to be endorsed by people identifying with a particular political party or even the political party itself, and to attend fundraisers given by a political party and accept money from that party – and still not necessarily be in violation of that law.

  4. Dear Bloomington Residents – Hold on to your wallets – the only thing you have going for you is the Rivian people staying at hotels looking for houses. Find a place outside Bloomington and sell, sell, sell. Gleason has a plan to make the Normal Debt look like childs play. There is close to 400 million. That is a FOUR HOUNDRED MILLION, in capital project Gleason has planned to start. With the coucil that is about to get elected he will get the spending. Downtown streets, will really cost close to 50 million. 2 or 3 firestations another 40 million. Moving Public Works – that will probably be 100 million. Then a plan to redue the entire water system 300 million. My bad, my math was wrong,…….500 million. But wait, Hamilton road, with an overpass not an at grade crossing. How much for that? Spend, Spend, Spend, Spend……….Mboka is ready to tell Koos, Hold my beer!

    1. Agree. Sell to Rivian employees for more than your home is worth. Unfortunately, they will be stuck when they realize they have been lied to about electric vehicles by none other than R.J. They will be left holding the bag when the plant closes. Many buyers of Rivian are already coming to terms that the product is shit. Not only get out of BN but Illinois entirely. Time is running out.

  5. There was never such a thing in BN as a non- partisan election. Anyone with a brain could tell what side a political candidate fell on with a limited effort if they cared. The only thing that has changed is state and federal reps have made a concerted effort to change BN to blue from red and are succeeding because of Chicago money. It has been also been assisted by leftist professors and instructors at ISU and IWU and also Illinois Peoples Action (communist) and the Chicago office of Socialist Internationale. The sad thing is the majority of BNs ignorant of what is going on.and doesn’t care. The area will be totally dysfunctional within a few years if it all continues. However, I’m long gone and could care less.

  6. Clearly Cody is doing something right in his bid for City Council if he gets back-to-back articles from BNN. If I lived in Ward 6, I would 100% vote for him.

    And, for the record, I would not have supported Jenn C. And, I did support Sheila M, which reflects this is not a “partisan statement.”

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