Koos: Don’t agree with me? You aren’t welcome in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Is Koos a narcissist for the heading on this letter?

Note how many times he references Our Normal. In other words if you are part of “his” club you can stay, others aren’t welcome.

-Do you get to live in a Town property for $120 a year?

-Are you invited to the party he throws every year for supporters that he bills taxpayers THOUSANDS of Dollars for?

-Do you think Uptown is a success even though more than a dozen spaces are unoccupied?

If the answer is yes to the above and an endless list of other fleeces you are Our Normal.

Hey Chris, lying about Normal’s credit rating isn’t attractive. Only tiny Fitch has Normal at AAA. Much bigger Moody’s has Aa1 which isn’t bad. Why do you exaggerate?

Koos “good faith policy differences” mean citizens can’t address the Council until the end of meetings, even if it’s 3 hours of waiting. Obviously Koos’ Normal doesn’t want to hear from citizens, that includes Kathleen Lorenz and Karyn Smith who don’t object to the policy.

The quality of education at Unit 5 isn’t worth supporting the Koos candidates. Get some facts Mayor: https://blnnews.com/2023/03/29/democrats-dont-believe-in-non-partisan/

Looks like Koos is worried about Tuesday.

If you don’t vote you support Koos.

Who wins depends on who shows up to vote.

Thanks for telling people who not to vote for Mayor. You obviously aren’t inclusive. Anyone up for a bonfire to burn your copy?

4 thoughts on “Koos: Don’t agree with me? You aren’t welcome in Normal

  1. “Amazing schools.”
    “Strong schools.”
    Unit 5 is neither of these.
    Unit 5 allows children to advance to the next grade who cannot read, spell or do math.
    Unit 5 allows children to graduate who cannot read, spell, or do math.
    Unit 5 believes in the Sexualization of Children. They unanimously opted in to Comprehensive Sex Education. The unanimously chose to allow the sexually graphic book, “Gender Queer,” to remain in the school library.
    Unit 5 believes in the racialization of children. Unit 5 chose to hire and pay Ivette Dubiel to do an Equity Audit of Unit 5. They subsequently hired a DEI czar to implement the policy in Unit 5. The teachers are currently being re-educated to teacher DEI in all classes. It will be infused throughout the curriculum. It is based in Cultural Marxism.
    Unit 5 no longer believes in Academic Excellence. They have removed traditional grading A, B, C, D, F in favor of 1, 2, 3.
    Unit 5 does not allow 8th graders to have a graduation ceremony.
    Unit 5 no longer allows students to know their class rank.
    Unit 5 employs some very radical teachers who impose their philosophy, ideology and agenda on the students.
    While Unit 5 used to be an excellent school district decades ago, that is no longer the case.
    Do they compete in Mathletes? Spelling Bees? Chess Club?
    Many students take classes at Kumon to supplement what they are not learning in Unit 5.
    I could go on, but this is just a few reasons Unit 5 is no longer “amazing” and “strong.”
    Finally, they are openly lying to the public about the Tax Increase.
    It is an increase and everyone should vote No. They do not need or deserve more of our money.

  2. Wow…according to Mayor Koos, anyone who disagrees with him does not deserve their voice represented in Normal’s government…we still must pay every tax and tax hike he wills….sounds a lot like taxation without representation.

  3. We realized we weren’t welcome in Koos’ Normal, so we left for Texas. The VAST difference in what North Texas looks like, the investment, the non-stop growth, and the HAPPINESS and PRIDE people have in being here is night and day from the decay and corruption in BN. Koos wishes he could lead a community like ours.

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