Democrats don’t believe in non-partisan

By: Diane Benjamin

This website is funded by the Democrat Party with money Pritzker is pouring into local elections. Non-partisan doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a LONG time (if ever).

Below are some bills the Democrats just passed they say who the extremists are:

HB 3093 – Requires all public restrooms be stocked with menstrual products with the exception of churches. This is a new expense to any businesses that are open to the public. And, of course, this includes men’s restrooms too.

HB3882 – Gives Standard Drivers Licenses to illegal immigrants. In 2013, Illinois passed a bill allowing for Temporary Valid Driver’s Licenses (TVDL) for people here illegally so that they could drive and get insurance. Those licenses, by design, looked different. State Rep. Barbara Hernandez said in the debate that people with a TVDL are discriminated against and cannot buy alcohol or get prescriptions with a TVDL.

HB1286 – Equitable Restrooms. The bill allows for multi-occupancy, all-gender restrooms. It does not allow for a building to have all options, female only, male only, and all gender. If there is an all-gender multi-stall bathroom, then all multiple occupancy bathrooms nearby must be all-gender. If this passes in the Senate, the next step will be a mandate for all bathrooms everywhere to be all-gender.

HB2789 – Prevents public libraries that “ban” books from receiving state Library grants. (graphic porn is now legal)

Staffers were caught voting for reps who had left the House chamber. Some bills wouldn’t have passed without fraud.

Go to the website above.

What comes up for Unit 5 candidates?

No surprise except Democrats don’t want you to think of them as extremists!

This is what Democrats want you to vote for:

5 thoughts on “Democrats don’t believe in non-partisan

  1. They deliberately use the Non-Partisan ruse in order to get their leftist and rino candidates elected.

  2. Interesting facts about Unit 5. Facts are the one thing that will doom the leftist agenda. Is it any wonder that censorship is so important to them?

    1. Yes, facts will eventually doom the leftist agenda, but We need to stop them before they take us and/or our children down with them.

  3. Rumor has it Rivian employees from their hotel room pounce on a home for sale as soon as it is listed. Why list with a realator. Post a for sale home somewhere in the hotels. Let them pay the taxes. Sounds like a good time to bail on IL and head for TN like my other relatives.

    If any group is extremist it’s the Demoncrats. After people saw the Jan 6th video on Fox News we know who the extremists are and it’s not Republican’s. I wonder how much Demoncrat grooming had to do with the terrorist in TN? I can’t wait to read the Transfesto.

    Demoncrat extremist like AFT’s Randi Weingarten the gun confiscation troop leader. Never mind the Constitution. Maybe she needs an education. Looks like she has mental issues also with that fit of rage outside the SCOTUS over student loan debt relief. Yeah I know that Demoncrat chant “it’s for the children”

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