Kevin McCarthy proves the Normal Town Council is immaterial

By: Diane Benjamin

If you have ever watched a Normal Town Council meeting you know the Council is immaterial. Asking questions that might stop whatever is on the agenda will get you called “Out Of Order”. Government For and By the People is a joke in Normal.

Kevin McCarthy proved this point when he went to Springfield and testified for the Town of Normal on HB 3337. The Town Council never voted on this bill. The bill was never publicly discussed, yet McCarthy claimed he represented the Town because he is Mayor Pro Tem. That is not an elected position and grants him no special powers to represent Normal. 4 members of the Council create policy in PUBLIC during Council meetings. McCarthy usurped transparency.

Why is Illinois corrupt? You are looking at the people who operate with no checks and balance on their power. McCarthy lied to the committee by claiming he was representing the Town of Normal. He plans on being the next mayor.

This bill was supposed to be a secret. Sharon Chung was expected to file it and get it passed without the public ever knowing. The Town of Normal got Chung to change the law to exempt them from complying with code for Incorporated Towns. The final version removes the right of citizens to even elect Trustees if the Koos buddies vote to appoint them.

McCarthy’s testimony was FOIAable, I have it. One thing it proves is Chung is clueless, evidently she has no guidance or mentoring on filing bills. The original bill ended up with 3 Amendments.

Chung introduced the bill but doesn’t get far, the Committee Chair stops her because of an Amendment she filed. There is silence for a few minutes before McCarthy speaks.

Parks and Rec seasonal employees need to know an early version of this bill exempted the Town of Normal from complying with the new Illinois bill requiring paid time off. (Another bill Normal wants to be exempt from)

That part is not in the final bill but it sure could be tucked into one of the other 1600 bills being considered. See how easy it is to pass legislation in Illinois no one is aware of?

I turned the applicable section of the hearing into the below. Chung uses some of the same language the judge ignored in the lawsuit against the Town. Normal is anything but “Normal”. They do not believe in representative government.

Voting for Lorenz, Smith, or Byars screams you approve of this shenanigans. In 2 years you might not have the right to elected representation anymore.

7 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy proves the Normal Town Council is immaterial

  1. The Oath of Office that these tyrants take is immaterial to them. They are nothing short of being traitors.

  2. Their plan worked. Dan Brady was the place holder until they could install a communist. He was basically useless. Ran as a Republican when he actually is a rino. MANY of the local people who call themselves Republicans are truly rinos. They’re just democrats posing as Republicans.

    1. That’s just your opinion. It happens to be wrong…. “the plan until they can install a communist… lol.. a “placeholder” for 18 YEARS ? 😂🙄

      1. They play the long game. Incrementaliam. They know their garbage cannot take hold overnight. They gradually make changes towards that end. “The ends justify the means.” They find people willing to sell their soul to the devil, to sell their city and residents down the river. They found 2 people: Dan Brady and Bill Brady.

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