Gov. Pritzker: Sign HB 3337 today!

By: Diane Benjamin Proving Democrats represent government and not citizens, HB 3337 passed both houses in Springfield. Once Pritzker signs this bill – written only for the Town of Normal which is illegal – Koos will have the right to pass an ordinance changing Trustees from elected to appointed. Read it yourself: Democrats pretend […]

HB 3337 is unconstitutional

By: Diane Benjamin Of course democrats won’t care if they pass an unconstitutional law, they do it all the time. The Town of Normal sure doesn’t care either since they are behind HB 3337. Rep Sharon Chung and Sen Dave Koehler have proven they just do what they are told.—Officers-Elected-and-Appointed?bidId= PDF page 10 It […]

Normal: Democrats move bill to take away your rights to representation

By: Diane Benjamin Sen Dave Koehler is doing Normal’s bidding in the Illinois Senate by sponsoring HB 3337. This is the Chung bill ONLY for Normal that exempts them from complying with Municipal Code for Incorporated Towns and allows them to continue operating with a City Manager instead of a Supervisor. An elected Clerk would […]

Kevin McCarthy proves the Normal Town Council is immaterial

By: Diane Benjamin If you have ever watched a Normal Town Council meeting you know the Council is immaterial. Asking questions that might stop whatever is on the agenda will get you called “Out Of Order”. Government For and By the People is a joke in Normal. Kevin McCarthy proved this point when he went […]

Thanks, but it isn’t over yet

By: Diane Benjamin Please continue to file Witness Slips as an opponent to HB 3337: Below are the Committee Members who will hear the bill at 11:00 am today. The Republican Board members are aware of the real intent of this bill, the Democrats aren’t. Sharon Chung doesn’t even know what the bill is, […]

File Witness Slips Now! Hearing is 11:00 tomorrow

By: Diane Benjamin You need to file 2. Then SHARE! This link is to file against Chung’s 2nd amendment to HB 3337: This link is to file against Chung’s 3rd amendment to HB 3337: Review this story if you need help: Opponent – Record of Appearance Only .