Do This Right Now: Witness Slip!

By: Diane Benjamin

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The language of this bill was modified so it has to go back to the Counties and Townships Committee. That will at 4:30 tomorrow.

If you see this bill for the sham it is, please file a Witness slip as an opponent:

Use this link:

Fill out all the obvious spaces.

To prevent errors enter NONE under Firm/Business, Title, and further down – Representation.

Under Position click Opponent.

Under Testimony click Record of Appearance

Click I Agree in lower left hand corner and then Create slip. Done!

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We need lots of Witness Slips. I know one member of this committee who will be looking at the facts. It needs to die tomorrow.

Does Sharon Chung know this makes her look like a useful idiot?

She can redeem herself by pulling it! You don’t have to live in Normal to show Chung you thought she ran to represent citizens, not corrupt government.

6 thoughts on “Do This Right Now: Witness Slip!

  1. If you have friends and relatives in Anywhere In IL who are aware of this situation, please have them fill one out as well!
    (Especially if you know anyone in Cicero – the amendment is worded to sound like it’s about Cicero even though its only effect is to disenfranchise Normal voters.)

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