Fire Works in Normal last night

By: Diane Benjamin

This is going to take more than one story. I have to start with proof Chemberly Harris isn’t intelligent enough to be a Trustee.

The Town did vote to end the Use tax when purchasing a vehicle. The tax is .0075 of the net selling price. Obviously this wasn’t about saving taxpayer money but no one revealed the real reason. Normal never voluntarily gives money back to taxpayers. Think Rivian who might be leasing vehicles titled in Normal. They won’t have to collect or pay it when they sell vehicles to a leasing company.

I have heard from upset residents who got a bill for buying a vehicle out of town. Normal has now eliminated it meaning Bloomington needs to eliminate it too or their citizens are going to be penalized for vehicle purchases.

Just hit Play below to hear Chemberly Harris claim she heard from a resident who got a tax bill for $5000 and couldn’t pay it since it wasn’t financed with the vehicle purchase.

For the tax bill to be $5000 the net purchase price of the vehicle would have been $666,666. Solve for X:

X times .0075 = 5000

Keep in mind Harris is spending taxpayer money to teach high school students how to be activists. Kathleen Lorenz follows, she knows Harris is wrong but she leaves it to Stan Nord to correct.

7 thoughts on “Fire Works in Normal last night

    1. I’m glad to hear Kevin claim he is frugal with his own money. Maybe he can start treating the taxpayers money with the same frugality.

  1. So now I can add Brian Day to my list of people that I explicitly recall having lied during a council meeting. (And I set that bar pretty high – For example I consider Ms Cumming’s clearly false statements a case of merely being mistaken, not actual lies.)
    Even if one makes the questionable assumption that the court ruled properly in the relevant case, the proposed legislation Does Not just clarify existing statutes regarding ‘officers that have no function in town government’. It precludes the voters’ current right to have a referendum to make those positions elected, and if those positions have no function, then why do we have the Town Clerk sitting front and center during most town council meetings?

  2. Chemberleys tone of voice last night sure was stern. I wonder if having citizens in the audience and speaking during public comment was too unnerving.
    Drama Kathleen never disappoints with her histrionics. Covered her eyes with her hand so she wouldn’t have to look out at the rabble.
    When kooskoos appoints kevin as mayor, remember that he denied the citizens the right to vote for the next mayor.

  3. Did you hear karen smith congratulating herself for being primarily instrumental in the elimination of this tax? Gee, is there an election coming up? Such an obvious effort to chalk up an accomplishment before the election. We see right through you karen.

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