Documenting the Master Plan

By: Diane Benjamin Doug Farr was paid $80,000 for the Uptown South MASTER PLAN that includes no natural gas: This story is to document what the 4-3 vote was proclaimed to mean. In a year or two when a subsidized developer is found I predict the same council will claim the document labeled MASTER […]

I love the new short meetings!

By: Diane Benjamin Taxpayers won’t, but I do. The video is 25:28 minutes long. Around 5 minutes is a Liquor Commission meeting before the Council meeting. Around another 5 minutes is Trustee comments, only Chemberly Harris mentioned Make Music Normal, it shows she doesn’t care what you think about a taxpayer funded drag show, just […]

Short meetings and no discussion is back in Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin I’m excited because I can now just write the same story after every meeting: Everything passed, nothing was questioned. Citizens of Normal should know they have no representation. Trustees are elected to represent you, the ones in office now represent the Town. Everything is great! Normal is a wonderful place to live! […]

Normal still discussing eliminating the USE TAX + more

By: Diane Benjamin Two things in the budget you won’t know unless you watched last night. Chemberly Harris is getting $19,000 for her Youth On A Mission. Pam Reece has a $750,000 slush fund. Of course it’s for contingencies (wasn’t needed for the previous 2 years). PDF page 121 Nothing aggravates citizens more than […]

IML Conference expenses: Normal vrs Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin This pic from the Illinois Municipal League says everything you need to know about them: IML refuses to post required information on their website! Yes, they are hiding. They don’t file tax returns either even though their employees receive large pensions: IML exists to represent government in Springfield, they don’t […]

Normal agenda for tonight + Unit 5 referendum:

By: Diane Benjamin Add the $1000 deposit: The IML Conference was in Chicago! – probably 3 nights lodging if they attended all 3 days. Over $5000: Agenda: Why did Normal hire this firm? Chemberly is back teaching kids to be democrats at your expense + Uptown Circle Rent: Public notices must be really […]

Chemberly pulls out the race card

By: Diane Benjamin This agenda item made last night’s Normal Town Council meeting last almost 3 hours: Ordinance Rezoning Property in the Town of Normal (4.14 Acres in the Wintergreen Subdivision) This is Jason Barickman’s company (Fairlawn Capital) plan to build houses that will most likely be rentals. The more than 100 houses will be […]

More proof the Village needs Districts

By: Diane Benjamin Normal ignores their taxpayers as evidenced by their ridiculous Public Comment policy meant to discourage citizens from speaking. It’s long past time for some non-violent civil disobedience. Sign up for Public Comment for an agenda item and then talk about Village abuse instead. Video of Koos cutting off citizens while speaking is […]

Of course I wasn’t done with Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin Normal has money for everything except microphones that work. Kevin McCarthy had to hold his when he spoke, the sound still wasn’t clear. Brian Day had a large hand-held microphone because he is always hard to hear from his perch, his did work. Chemberly Cummings is now Chemberly Harris, no explanation. Scott […]