More proof the Village needs Districts

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal ignores their taxpayers as evidenced by their ridiculous Public Comment policy meant to discourage citizens from speaking. It’s long past time for some non-violent civil disobedience. Sign up for Public Comment for an agenda item and then talk about Village abuse instead. Video of Koos cutting off citizens while speaking is badly needed to wake up the people still not paying attention!

Here’s the latest:

You elect 7 people in Normal supposedly to represent you. We know Chris Koos and Kevin McCarthy are against letting citizens pick their own form of government. Both don’t want a simple Yes or No on the ballot asking if citizens would rather have representation from their neighborhood instead of At-Large that doesn’t represent anyone but the Village.

We know where Kathleen Lorenz stands – she doesn’t want citizens to decide.

We know Stan Nord is for letting people decide.

Where does Karyn Smith stand?

Where does Chemberly Harris stand?

Where does Scott Preston stand?

3 of the 7 haven’t said publicly if citizens deserve the right to decide for themselves!

3 of the 7 have stated they are against letting citizens decide for themselves!

The only issue right now is if citizens get to decide for themselves. Koos must be terrified he will lose.

Koos is alienating far too many people and bringing the Village clowns down with him. McCarthy thinks he can be the next mayor. Kathleen Lorenz thinks she can be re-elected. Scott Preston thinks he can be a State Rep. They thinks ignoring citizens is a winning strategy.

6 of the 7 have elected officials are ignoring the over 2000 voters who signed the referendum petition.

It isn’t intelligent to disregard the people paying your bills.

11 thoughts on “More proof the Village needs Districts

  1. “ You elect 7 people in Normal supposedly to represent you. ”

    I think you said it all right there. Why would I want to live in a district where I choose 1 person?
    All you have to do is look at the maps that have been shown supporting this topic. Add the failed candidates to those maps and it is clear why this is even being discussed. Karl Sila and Marc Tiritilli can’t win without gerrymandering their way to victory.

    1. Clearly Misnomer Patriot doesn’t know much about local politics. The area I live in leans rather socialist, so they’re more likely to vote for a politician to rule them rather than a public servant to represent them so my election is far from assured. And the districts will most likely be drawn by town staff, so any gerrymandering from corrupt elements would be done to try to keep a reformer like me Out, not help me in.

    1. LOL Stan you’re a clown. The only reason you and and Diane want districts is so you can hand pick candidates. It’s the dumbest, most short sided move you could possibly make. Stop being all bent out of shape because you don’t get your way. You had your chance to hand pick candidates last election and they all got embarrassingly smoked on Election Day. Voters rejected your candidates. They will every time. If these districts manage to make to a vote, voters will reject it because YOU want it. If you want it so bad, move to an under represented area of Bloomington.

  2. Patriot is mistaken. The mayoral race is city-wide either way. Districting does not affect my candidacy.

  3. If your issue is with the Mayor, district voting doesn’t fix it since that is an at-large election. Are McCarthy and Koos really against choice or are they trying to follow the law? Just because you want districting doesn’t mean the referendum is legal and you can be against districting and for the referendum. These things are mutually exclusive. Read the findings of the Electoral Board- it doesn’t fit the statute. Petitioner disagrees. Now a Court will decide and interpret the law. The process is working. That doesn’t make anyone racist or against choice or against representing ALL of Normal. Is Nord racist because he wants his church to move out of the West side? Be careful with assertions that aren’t backed by fact. Your innuendos are damaging and frankly undermine your cause. It seems YOU don’t like the will of the people and the Trustees they elected so your fix is to gerrymander in an attempt to get Trustees you like. That will cut both ways if districts pass. Aim higher.

  4. The most telling reason, IMO, that the Village needs districts, is the fact that it seems all or nearly all of the council comes from ONE area, and most of them look, walk and talk almost exactly alike (save one). That in itself screams elitism. Every part of the Village is NOT the same, they do NOT all have the same issues, they do not have the same socio-econmic composition. I swear to God, a good part of America is getting to be more and more like the world of The Hunger Games, with non represented districts and all of the “elite” congregated in “The Capitol”. The Elite are also looking and acting more and more like the snobs and out of touch elitists that reside in The Capitol. Oh and to the person who suggested that it’s because people want to hand pick their representatives, uh, yes, that would be nice, to be represented by someone who truly has YOUR interests in mind, someone who actually LIVES in the same area and in at least similar conditions that you do.

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