Village of Normal finally fixes what Connect Transit broke

By Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader (a different reader than the one who usually sends pics)

Common sense would say if a road can’t handle large buses without driving over curbs and sidewalks the route should be changed to eliminate the problem.

Since there is no “common sense” associated with Connect Transit, the corner by Portillos has been repaired over and over by the Village taxpayers. This also proves no one in Normal suggested they change the route to avoid the corner buses can’t navigate.


In July every ride on Connect transit was subsidized at $7.81. Every ride on Connect Mobility was subsidized at $34.44. September will be much higher because rides are free with a library card.

The Village finally decided to widen the corner buses destroyed:

How long do you think this curb will last?





4 thoughts on “Village of Normal finally fixes what Connect Transit broke

  1. Seems pretty standard government procedure. Normal politicians use taxpayer money to pay Connect Transit to create problems, then use taxpayer money to fix the problem they created…

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