Kathleen Lorenz needs to pay for supporting Koos

By: Diane Benjamin

Kathleen Lorenz said in an interview that companies wishing to locate somewhere watch social media and negative comments affect their decision. Last night will make them rethink locating in Normal where citizens who don’t fall in line are despised.

Kathleen: Your support of Chris Koos will not only get you fired, Chris Koos himself will keep new businesses from locating in Normal when his ruling is seen as only to delay campaigning by referendum supporters. We already knew Koos didn’t care about the opinions of citizens, he just reinforced that last night! Your support for him means you don’t either.

Early voting starts September 29th, it might not in Normal since the ballots can’t be printed until the issue of putting the referendum on the ballot is settled. Since mostly Democrats are the ones who vote early and by mail they won’t be able to. Conservatives should send Chris Koos a thank you card for infringing on the voting rights of Democrats.

Chris Koos claims he is going to DC next week. Patrick Dullard claims he is out of town until September 12th. The courts will want to expediate this issue, if the parties can’t attend the issue should be settled without them. All a judge has to do is read the transcripts and briefs and issue a ruling.

FYI: We knew this was going to court because Brian Day was told to hire a stenographer (taxpayer expense) in case the citizens lost. He knew what the ruling was going to be because a stenographer was hired.

You can see why the Circuit Court will reverse the Koos, McCarthy, and Hounker decision by reading what David Shestokas submitted to them:

Teach Koos a lesson in representative government – start campaigning now. Download and plaster this graphic all over social media, especially on Town of Normal sites. If they delete your comment they are violating your first amendment rights to free speech!

Fighting a tyrant takes money!

To donate by check: 

Citizens for Districting Normal (name change)

21 Grandview Drive

Normal, IL  61761-4071

Go Fund Me is available on the website https://betternormal-il.com/support-us.   Note:  Go Fund Me reduces the impact of your donation to cover their service fee, so we prefer you mail a check.





9 thoughts on “Kathleen Lorenz needs to pay for supporting Koos

  1. when public service job commitments interfere with personal travel plans – these people are laughing at us as soon as it’s wheels up.

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    1. This is not personal travel plans for the Mayor. It’s a business trip to Washington DC to meet with Mayor Pete. You know Normal IS a model city for transportation in Uptown. More money coming our way thanks to Chris Koos. Bringing home the bacon.


  2. This seems pretty important. Isn’t it the citizens against Dullard? Will the town clerk be on the next ballot? Are. All of Brian Day’s emails attorney-client privileged? Do you think he represents Dullard? Would that be privileged? I’m sure the town would never release them. So many questions, it’s a shame the government is wealthier than its citizenry…Normal is being run like third world country. It’s a shithole Kathy…and you are just a dirty person. Businesses don’t come because government doesn’t play fair.

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  3. This is what I don’t understand. Why do Kathleen Lorenz (and Sonya Reece) PRETEND to be Republicans??? What do they get out of pretending that they are something they are not?

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  4. The ILGOP endorsed Democrats Irvin and Preston. Just like a male can identify as a female, a Democrat can identify as a Republican without consequence. The local Republican Party encourages this to happen too. Remember the GOP’s.accountability committee who was going to address this RINO problem? The RINOs in leadership united and out of the blue killed it. The gop leadership are actively helping more democrats get elected who falsely identify as a republican. This is intentional, they are not that stupid.

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  5. Just so we’re clear, the McLean County Republicans are just posers? Is that an accurate description? They’re just pretending to be Republicans?


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