Dullard needs to pay!

By: Diane Benjamin Patrick Dullard continued to question signatures until the County Clerk’s office closed yesterday. Attorney David Shestokas objected to everything Dullard stated, DULLard didn’t care. His effort was a complete waste of time because his objection can not be amended. He didn’t challenge correctly the first time, he’s finished. Therefore: He should get […]

The Hearing Video

By: Diane Benjamin The hearing was short. The two Public comments are in the third video, if you watched them from yesterday’s story you can skip through them. They aren’t the entire video. If you want to see what happened, now you can:

Koos delayed everything

By: Diane Benjamin Kevin McCarthy didn’t bother to show up so the commission is Koos and the Clerk. Maybe Kevin knows Dullard doesn’t have a case and doesn’t want to look stupid voting with Koos. Essentially Koos doesn’t want the referendum and Angie Hounker won’t vote against him if she wants to keep her job. […]

Is Normal Racist? Patrick Dullard?

By: Diane Benjamin Patrick Dullard is quoted in this story saying he is challenging the referendum because he wants to preserve his right to vote for every Trustee in the Town of Normal: https://www.25newsnow.com/2022/08/19/effort-underway-block-referendum-normal-creating-council-districts-instead-at-large-representation/#l70c53p29ynv1tduki8 The circulators will prove on Monday Dullard is wrong about his other claims. Dullard wants to deny the right of every […]

Stan is ethically challenged? Not even close to the rest of Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin At the “attack” Stan meeting held Monday there was one public speaker who of course spoke glowingly about Pam Reece. Mayor Koos introduced him as Mr. Dullard. Video in this story: https://blnnews.com/2021/06/15/no-stan-you-arent-allowed-to-represent-voters/ So who is Mr. Dullard? From the Secretary of State’s website for searching Corporations: https://apps.ilsos.gov/corporatellc/CorporateLlcController Of course the head of […]