Village of Normal

Meeting reconvenes tomorrow 7:00 pm. I’d you watch the video it will be over then. Citizens lawyer easily won.

Find out why Normal isn’t Town! Watch it!

20 thoughts on “Village of Normal

    1. Nope. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” They know well what they are doing and what they have been doing. They would rather NOT DO what they should be doing. “Rules for thee but not for me.”
      That’s why we call them kingkoos & queenpam. They really believe they are rulers. They hate, “We The People,” and Our Constitution. They would rather it be, “We the government.”

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    2. I really can’t afford it but I’ll donate $50.. I encourage everyone to give what they can because unfortunately, justice isn’t free. What about potential pro-bono lawyers?

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  1. Thank you Diane for being on top of this and SO many important issues to our local area. You expose so much while remaking modest. That’s hard to do.

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  2. I almost hope they dig their heels and and claim to be a town. That means we can all sue to recoup our fraudulently assessed property taxes for the last 40-ish years! Anything Angie or her predecessor Town Clerks have done in an official capacity is null and void { which would include accepting Dullard’s obection! 😀 But also the original petition. 😦 } and I would think she should be facing prosecution for impersonating an elected official, and those are just off the top of my head!

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    1. Exactly what I was thinking! I want my illegally confiscated property tax money back. I’m going to ask for all of it back today. Everyone else should too. BTW, I’ll contribute money to retaining David for these future court cases. I wonder how long it will take to prosecute all of them? This is going to be glorious!

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  3. This is not a good look for Patrick Dullard. He’s an angry white man. It’s an even a worse look for Koos and McCarthy. I think they realize they got their lunch handed to them yesterday and they honestly don’t care. Right now about the only thing they have left is a delay tactic. Yes, this should be over tonight, but I doubt it. Koos and McCarthy are going to claim they need more time and the September 1 deadline will be missed. This is how these people operate. It’s all according to plan. In Normal we plan our work and work our plan no matter how screwed up the plan is.

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  4. Upnormal yes, when downtown was renamed uptown the majority of business owners wanted it left downtown but at that time a council member was quoted as saying,”uptown sounds so sophisticated” and I guess that is what mayor koos also wanted so we have uptown and I think Upnormal would be appropriate as it sounds so sophisticated!!!! Don’t you?

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    1. Ok. I could go along with UpNormal. We could put it on the November ballot. 😁
      Pick One:
      It’s going to cost kingkoos and queenpam a bundle to change all the signage, but it will be worth it.


  5. This all give a new meaning to “It Takes a Village” and is a much better story line 🙂

    Honestely, good luck getting anything but robot and the push back and pass the buck to the Board of Review on anything involving the Clerk or Assessors office. There are state wide and county (McLean) wide issues and you can never get the left hand to talk to the right hand in any office at McLean County. Their rules, systems and admin processes are out of wack in many areas. But good luck getting anyone there to take you serious without making a joke of you 🙂

    It needs to be called out for what it is. But very few folks even realize or do or say anything. (Ford County and McLean County are prime examples of the mis-mashed county depts. The local ones am sure are just as shady and bad to taxpayers and citizens who voice complaints/concerns or what real answers (not pass the buck). Seems like this is becoming the norm. Consumers and taxpayers beware!

    Thanks for taking this one by the horns 🙂

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