Re-Writing History has been happening forever

Read Original Sources, not re-imagined history being taught to your kids. If you don’t teach your kids the truth they will hate America. No leaders had ever made this declaration before July 4, 1776: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with […]

Breaking News: The Truth about Stan Nord and the Executive Session:

By: Diane Benjamin Remember when Stan Nord was denied the right to participate remotely in an off-schedule Executive Session? Stan wasn’t allowed to participate because it was an illegal meeting to discuss the referendum. Pam Reece knew Stan Nord was unavailable the day of the meeting, she scheduled it that day on purpose, then […]

Koos, McCarthy, Huonker, Dullard, and Day should get the bill

By: Diane Benjamin David Shestokas has spent 87.5 hours so far because of the referendum challenge. All of the above know they are going to lose, therefore they should get the bill. To donate by check:  Citizens for Districting Normal 21 Grandview Drive Normal, IL  61761-4071 Go Fund Me is available on the website   Note:  […]

Kording moves hearing to Monday

By: Diane Benjamin A Zoom hearing was held this morning to hear the filing by the State’s Attorneys office representing County Clerk Kathy Michael. She is bound by Federal Law to mail ballots to service members 45 days before the election. She can’t print the ballots before the referendum issue is decided or risk having […]

Village of Normal made up their own facts

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve seen a copy of what David Shestokas filed Friday with the Circuit Court. I could review the court cases Normal listed to support their position, but that would be tedious on a holiday weekend. Let’s just say Shestokas rips their ruling to shreds. Can we agree what Koos and company wrote […]

Kathleen Lorenz needs to pay for supporting Koos

By: Diane Benjamin Kathleen Lorenz said in an interview that companies wishing to locate somewhere watch social media and negative comments affect their decision. Last night will make them rethink locating in Normal where citizens who don’t fall in line are despised. Kathleen: Your support of Chris Koos will not only get you fired, Chris […]

It didn’t take much time for Koos to send the referendum to a real judge!

By: Diane Benjamin I wonder if Koos and company voted for Dullard on the first count because they are afraid of lawsuits for operating like a Town when they aren’t one? They did vote against Dullard on his claim of not having enough signatures. We will find out in court who is right. David Shestokas […]

Tonight! 7:00

By: Diane Benjamin There were even more people at yesterday’s hearing than at the first meeting. Of course tonight’s meeting won’t be Live Streamed, so you need to be there. Standing Room only would send a powerful message! I will be there filming. Please help fund David Shestokas! All donations are being deposited in an […]

Should be final hearing tonight, but will it be?

By: Diane Benjamin I could post more video and clips from yesterday’s hearing but you can watch the whole meeting courtesy of Doug Fansler in this story: My internet was down when I got home so I’m grateful to Doug for sending me what he recorded! Attorney David Shestokas is worth every dime he […]

Dullard needs to pay!

By: Diane Benjamin Patrick Dullard continued to question signatures until the County Clerk’s office closed yesterday. Attorney David Shestokas objected to everything Dullard stated, DULLard didn’t care. His effort was a complete waste of time because his objection can not be amended. He didn’t challenge correctly the first time, he’s finished. Therefore: He should get […]

Dullard’s dilemma is costing you!

By: Diane Benjamin Patrick Dullard only had one chance to object to names, process, petitions, etc in regard to putting a referendum on the November ballot. Dullard failed to identify any specific data to support this statement he filed: Since he cited no proof with that statement his argument is invalid. He doesn’t get a […]