Village of Normal discriminates against Stan Nord

By: Diane Benjamin

Pam Reece knew Stan Nord had a prior commitment today, she scheduled the meeting anyway. He asked to participate remotely. Guess what happened!

Chris Koos was there.

Kevin McCarthy was there.

Kathleen Lorenz was there.

Karyn Smith was there.

Scott Preston was there.

Chemberly Harris was there.

These clowns voted to NOT let Stan participate remotely!

The only way to find out which clowns voted to not let Stan do his job as a elected representative of the public is to accuse ALL of them of not letting him participate. Therefore, every one of the above is guilty of discrimination against Stan Nord.

Stan arrived as the Executive Session was breaking up. He filmed his comments to the rest of the Council. Pam Reece would not let him listen to the recording of the session, she claim IT had to do something to it first. Like cut and slice Pam? One more note: Others have asked to participate remotely and always been allowed. Obviously this is a conspiracy against Nord.

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29 thoughts on “Village of Normal discriminates against Stan Nord

  1. There is a secret stench hovering over Koos and his shabby little bobbleheads (Preston isn’t shabby, he’s a well-groomed, ambitious, empty poser) that keeps getting stronger. And has been for a long time. Perhaps this meeting wasn’t strictly about that stench per se, but it appears to be relevant…any whiff of litigation (think: DISCOVERY) might be a factor. Koos considered for the Amtrak board? A failed mayor and small bicycle shop proprietor? Something’s up. And it likely involves some backroom $$$deals$$$ with Pritzker on up to the federal. Obviously some big secrets that the voters they purportedly represent aren’t entitled to.

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  2. WOW! This is beyond belief.

    Stan, I am glad you got this on video. You have many, many supporters and their actions demonstrate they are feeling the heat of your actions.

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  3. Did Koos really try to tell Stan he couldn’t record? This reminds me of Bloomington and Judy Stearns. She was right…remember that Normal, she was right, there were felony convictions proving she was right, but the Bloomington Council let the thieves go on stealing money for quite some time.

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  4. This should have been placed under weekend funnies. These people are disgusting and so glad they’ve finally met their match with Stan Nord. What was really funny was dumbass Preston sucking on a lollypop. Yes, Scott you really suck. While I’m certainly not voting for Sharon Chung, there’s no way I’ll for for him either.

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  5. Let’s see Mr. Nord had al prior commitment but somehow wanted to participate remotely. He then magically appears at the end of the meeting. So did he have a commitment or didn’t he? It seems like this was all a stunt just so that he could film some sort of ridiculous gotcha video storming into the room after the meeting was over. I don’t believe this story for one minute.


      1. Sorry I’m not Mr. Koos. I seriously want to know why if Mr Nord’s previous commitment was so pressing how was he able to magically show up at the end of the meeting? I bet anything that the “previous commitment” wasn’t so pressing and Mr Nord could have easily attended this meeting in person since he knew about this “secret meeting”. I know you carry water for Mr. Nord since you next post is also about what a victim his is…


      1. So according to you and Mr. Nord the Council has to plan everything around Mr. Nord schedule? Did he actually have a pressing prior commitment? If that prior commitment was so important why exactly did he want to participate remotely? Mr. Nord then pops up at the end of the meeting to videotape the end of the meeting. Apparently that prior commitment was not so pressing. Sorry, this story doesn’t add up and really reflects poorly on Mr. Nord. Everyone else on the Council was able to attend the meeting. Is Mr. Nord somehow special? Is this how adults act? Throw a hissy fit at the end of a meeting because you said you have prior commitment? SMH.


    1. Perhaps Mr. Nord had an urgent medical appointment that ended. Instead of being able to participate in such an important meeting that required such a short notice, he was denied an opportunity to attend that was afforded to others. Counsel members should explain their actions if they voted against him participating and should then vote against anyone remotely participating in any meeting.

      It is likely that there was discussion about how much money they want to spend fighting the referendum that they know is a losing venture.

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  6. If any of them Work for and get paid by State Farm, Country or ISU/IWU et. al. Or alumni, no doubt they are hand in hand. The leaders and city employees seem to think they are paving our future band technocrats. Koos leads the pack. A farce at taxpayers expense really. It’s a theatrical cult.

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