Breaking News: The Truth about Stan Nord and the Executive Session:

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember when Stan Nord was denied the right to participate remotely in an off-schedule Executive Session?

Stan wasn’t allowed to participate because it was an illegal meeting to discuss the referendum.

Pam Reece knew Stan Nord was unavailable the day of the meeting, she scheduled it that day on purpose, then 4 Trustees voted not to let Nord participate. Yes, it was a setup:

If the Trustees knew the law they would have walked out. The Town of Normal isn’t a party to the case that is now in court, therefore claiming pending litigation is not a valid reason for the meeting. Worse, they can all be charged with electioneering for conspiring to interfere in an election!

Nord filed a Request for Review with the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access office after listening to around 4 minutes recorded from the meeting. He asked the AG to expedite this issue.

Did Koos and Reece know the referendum will be on the ballot?

Why else would they hold an illegal meeting?

Excerpt of the filing with the AG last week:

We have proof Brian Day was helping Patrick Dullard because of a comment to Day by Dullard when they were wasting time reviewing signatures. Everyone in the room heard it.

Below is proof Clerk Angie Huonker was spending time at taxpayer expense also working for Dullard. She was looking for documents at the County AFTER the Koos, McCarthy, and Huonker ruling on August 30th:

Normal is using staff to defeat the almost

2200 people who signed petitions!

Now have some laughs:

The Illinois Municipal League voted to put Chris Koos on their Board of Directors.

Koos has been found violating the Open Meetings Act many times. Electioneering is criminal. He and the IML fit together perfectly, both are sketchy at best:

Chris Koos also stated to the IML Chicago needs to send illegals downstate. Maybe they can live at his house, he must have forgotten there is a local housing shortage. See WGLT.

14 thoughts on “Breaking News: The Truth about Stan Nord and the Executive Session:

  1. How many ILL governors went to prison? Yes, it could happen and Koos ought to be locked up! Too bad Trump pardoned Blago or Koos could be his cell mate. Not likely however with the current attorney general. Vote for change.
    One can use the US Mail to send donations to Tom Devore for attorney general:
    Citizens for DeVore, P.O. Box 1, Greenville, IL 62246

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  2. Why wasn’t your lap dog in attendance last night? That’s two meetings in a row now he has failed to represent the citizens of Normal. If it was anyone else it would be a headline on this blog.


  3. Based on this blog, I surmise Nord shared the details of a confidential, executive meeting with a third party (you) or two. That’s a big no-no. And now it’s shared on this public site. Yikes. If the Attorney General opined that it should be public, that’s one thing but to divulge without that…tsk, tsk….


      1. Publicly disclosing information of a confidential, executive session is breach of fiduciary duty owed to the Town as a Trustee. It also indicates a lack of judgment at best. At worst, it’s indicative of the priority that playing politics holds with Nord—that he is willing to skirt holding something in confidence for whatever political gain this site garners. All the while, accusing others of criminal wrong doing. Stan can do better than that.


  4. The town and budgets will be enhanced by bringing them downstate. All the Non for Profits will get $$ and look good too.

    Taxes will increase. More than what they have. Not smart but clearly the county is ran by folks who agree with everything. And get promoted, elected , raises and pensions. Little folks are disguarded with zero voice for their profit and do gooder image and good ole boy /gal club.

    Welcome to lil Chicago

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