Normal was back to SHORT meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin

Without Stan Nord present the Council meeting lasted a whole 8 minutes. The video is 9 minutes and 24 seconds, but the meeting doesn’t start at 0:00.

Nothing was pulled from the consent agenda, Karyn Smith asked a few questions about the Water Main replacement that is WAY over what was budgeted. She never asked the obvious question: Is this to sell water to Carle and take it away from Bloomington? Remember the water line and hydrants on top of Bloomington’s out to Rivian? Are any Trustees ever going to demand answers?

There won’t be answers when every trustee present last night are compliant little sheep!

At the end of the meeting Chris Koos announced he is going to change the policy for what Trustees can comment on at the end of meetings. He thinks the trustees work for him, sadly most do. The man is a dictator.

Just hit PLAY to hear his royal highness tell his plebs to get ready for changes to Trustee Concerns. I can’t wait for the video of the king shutting down an elected official for violating his anti-free speech dictate. Have you noticed Koos is looking smaller every day?

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