NO ruling today on the referendum

By: Diane Benjamin

Judge Kording will issue a ruling tomorrow via zoom between 1:30 and 2:00.

Normal Taxpayers should be thrilled to know they paid Village Attorney Brian Day to sit in the audience for over 2 hours even though Normal is not a party to this case.

The judge’s questions to both attorneys were mostly to clarify whether Normal is a Town or a Village. Todd Greenburg, attorney for Patrick Dullard who didn’t attend, frequently failed to answer the questions the judge asked. I hope Judge Kording noticed.

Greenburg already mentioned appealing the ruling. The Normal Electoral Board delayed getting transcripts of their hearings to the judge which delayed this case. If Normal loses this case having no time to appeal is their fault.






3 thoughts on “NO ruling today on the referendum

  1. Brian Day being paid with tax dollars to be there is more proof that this is not really Dullard vs. the 2,200 but the Town of Normal vs. the 2,200 petitions signers.

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