Dullard’s dilemma is costing you!

By: Diane Benjamin

Patrick Dullard only had one chance to object to names, process, petitions, etc in regard to putting a referendum on the November ballot.

Dullard failed to identify any specific data to support this statement he filed:

Since he cited no proof with that statement his argument is invalid. He doesn’t get a chance for a do-over but that is exactly what is happening. We have court cases stating blanket objections to all signatures aren’t valid.

Even though the lawyer for Citizens for a Better Normal filed a motion to strike today’s proceeding and Dullard’s statement, Patrick is now costing the taxpayers of Normal money doing what he failed to do before he filed his objection.

Town Clerk Angie Hounker and Attorney Brian Day are looking up the names of every citizen in Normal who signed the petition and matching signatures.

According to Dullard: You people didn’t really sign and I’m going to prove it.

He should reimburse the taxpayers of Normal for wasting the time of the “professional staff”. He is trying to overturn the will of the more than 2200 people who signed. He will FAIL!

Don’t forget who Patrick Dullard is: https://blnnews.com/2022/08/18/who-is-patrick-dullard/

The referendum will be on the ballot even if Koos tries to stop it Monday, 3:00 – Normal Council Chambers. Be there!

I have about 4 minutes of audio from before a conference took place behind closed doors as requested by the citizens attorney:





10 thoughts on “Dullard’s dilemma is costing you!

  1. This guy has joined the “Normal Society of Dimwits”!!!   He’ll fit right in with them!!!


  2. Did you know there is no proof that Dullard turned in the required number of copies with his petition? Brian Day said he can vouch for Dullard that he did. How could he know this?

    Did Day witness Dullard filling the petition? If so, he can’t be both a witness and the town’s attorney.
    Did Day put the paperwork together for Dullard? If so, he can’t be both the town’s and Dullard’s attorney.

    Brian Day is breaking so many rules. An attorney should tell us how to report him to the IL bar.

    1. Of course Brian Day is serving as Dullard’s personal attorney in all of this. I suspected it all along, but at this point they’re no longer hiding it.

  3. Chris Koos ordered the record’s search for his business partner Dullard. This is all on Koo’s shoulders.

  4. Satan’s got a special room in hell for people like Koos and Day. The sad part is they will probably be happy there.

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