Who is Patrick Dullard?

By: Diane Benjamin

The Districts referendum challenge will be heard on Monday at 3:00 pm in the Town of Normal Council Chambers. It will be held before Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy, and Town Clerk Angie Huonker.

This biased Election Board doesn’t have to give a reason for voting against the referendum, so it likely won’t matter what evidence is presented by supporters.

Koos and company don’t want citizens

to vote on what form of government they want.

We need people to attend regardless of where they live. Make these 3 look you in the eyes while stating your opinion doesn’t matter.

When the gang kicks the referendum off the ballot we will go to court and have a hearing based on facts instead of ideology. Koos and buddies are going to look really small minded when they are overruled. Will they care?

Chris Koos knows he would have a difficult time convincing citizens they don’t deserve a representative who lives where they live, so he has to prevent giving voters a choice. Koos is the same guy who has made it clear mere citizens interfere with his “business meetings” and therefore can’t comment on anything off agenda until he allows it – at the end of meetings regardless of how many hours the meeting takes.

So who is the guy Koos found to challenge petition? You can’t make this stuff up folks!

  1. President of Friends of Constitution Trail https://www.constitutiontrail.org/board-members/
  2. Corporate Agent for Bike Blono:

Anybody surprised Mayor Bike Shop advertises bike organizations on the Town website? https://www.normalil.gov/1293/Bike-Related-Organizations

One more:

The Town of Normal allowed Bike Blono to store their trailers on Town property! https://blnnews.com/2021/05/08/is-normal-giving-free-storage/

Drive by Public Works on Warriner Street and see if they are still there. I think I heard they were moved behind the building so the illegal storage wasn’t so obvious.

The results on Monday will prove Normal does not have a government that is For and By the People. In a dictatorship it never is.

I will be there filming. See you there!






9 thoughts on “Who is Patrick Dullard?

  1. Kingkoos and queenpam like their fiefdom just the way it is. Interference by the rabble not allowed. Spending our money and taxing the heck out of the citizens to build their utopia is all they care about, even if it means stepping all over the people to do it.

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  2. Is it even legal for an Election Board to include elected officials? Who is going to interpret the State’s municipal law? This just reeks of impropriety.


  3. dullard
    A person regarded as mentally dull; a dolt.
    A dull or stupid person; a dolt; a blockhead; a dunce.
    A stupid person; a dunce.
    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.


    1. Well, many surnames originated from either characteristics or professions, soooooo, draw your own conclusions. While I am sure this name “Dullard” is apt in this instance, I do have sympathy for those saddled with it who do not fit the criteria.

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  4. This sounds like Liberals wanting to suppress votes of the Minority population. Why would they do that? I know if they were Conservative’s, Koos and his friend Durbin would be saying they are racist.

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