Petitions Challenged

By: Diane Benjamin

A Chris Koos buddy challenged the petitions to district Normal – Patrick Dullard. Of course this was expected of Koos.

See Dullard’s claims here:—Districts—Aug-2022

I’m not going to tell him where he screwed up, he can find out in court.

7 thoughts on “Petitions Challenged

  1. I’m not at all surprised at their dirty tactics. It’s exactly who they are. kingkoos and queenpam have to protect thier fiefdom at all costs. Typical power hungry marxists. They hate the citizens, and they prove this at every turn.

  2. Surprise, surprise, surprise that the president of Friends of Constitution Trial and leading advocate for Koos’ underpass is opposed to this. Another Broadway Place elite Friend of Chris Koos.

  3. Koos had his buddy file a objection to route the petition to the election board. This is the same election board Koos sits on with is other buddy KevinMcCarthy. It doesn’t matter whether the objections had merit or even had legible words on it. The election board does not have to explain their vote. This was a maneuver to kill the petition and keep voters from having a chance to answer the question. This will be going to court.

    Sadly, this will show just how power hungry and corrupt Normal is and voters will continue to be shut out.

    1. Not sure I’d say “sadly.” If Koos and McCarthy knock this off the ballot I don’t see that being a good look for them. Could easily backfire and they’re surely in for a fight. With over 2,000 people signing this and then these two clowns thumbing their nose at us, I think they should prepare themselves for a backlash.

  4. If I’m following Mr. Dullard’s logic, he seems to imply that referendums can only be put on the ballot in villages and not in incorporated municipalities such as the town of Normal. If this holds up, then maybe someone needs to file an objection to Unit 5’s referendum for a tax increase.

    Or, maybe I’m misunderstanding his objection. Sorry, I don’t do Brian Day legalese, which is exactly what this is. In fact, wouldn’t be at all surprised if Brian Day wrote it for him.

  5. Who is he to take away my right to vote my opinion? Of course, he is a democrat profiting from the current power regime. I’m sick of hearing democrats scream about ballot access then they do crap like this. I hope his biking buddies know what he is doing to their ability to have a say in their government.

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