HUGE News and I mean HUGE

By: Diane Benjamin The three candidates running for offices that Normal claims they don’t have to elect have an attorney: Tom Devore The challenges to petitions will not be heard tomorrow, those will be delayed until Devore has a chance to file a written response. Tomorrow will only be getting the formalities out of […]

Koos, McCarthy, Huonker, Dullard, and Day should get the bill

By: Diane Benjamin David Shestokas has spent 87.5 hours so far because of the referendum challenge. All of the above know they are going to lose, therefore they should get the bill. To donate by check:  Citizens for Districting Normal 21 Grandview Drive Normal, IL  61761-4071 Go Fund Me is available on the website   Note:  […]

4 of the 5 will be on the ballot regardless of the democrat stunt

By: Diane Benjamin Shayna Watchinski, Jill Blair, Anna Darrow, Cara McMorris, and Sarah Breeden can now go back to rabblerousing over the possibility of abortion rights resting with the states instead of NINE un-elected male judges. They should be praising the possible Supreme Court decision since they are hell-bent on election integrity and democracy. Do […]

Local “Democrats” prove their intelligence

By: Diane Benjamin Only one guy filed petitions to run for Sheriff in November. The Democrats have no one running, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appoint someone to be on the November ballot. Libertarians could too. Meanwhile, the local leftists are challenging the petitions of some Republicans who filed for County Board. They aren’t […]

Tari, I finally have time to get to you!

By: Diane Benjamin Tari’s greatest lies part I lost count: Tari Renner’s interview with Steve Suess starts around 45:00. Lie #1 Nobody has ever stated your entire police force is corrupt. I stated a bad cop can make ALL of them look bad. Lie #2 Diane makes stuff up. Since Tari claimed he doesn’t […]

Update: Atlanta: Laws followed

Link to hearing video:   By:  Diane Benjamin The hearing that wasn’t legal last week was held today.  This time an agenda was available and all parties that needed to be there were there. Several citizens expressed sympathies to Billie Cheek and apologized if their comments when she wasn’t present at the last meeting […]

More Atlanta corruption?

By:  Diane Benjamin As reported HERE, the petition challenge in Atlanta was not a legal meeting since no agenda had been posted 48 hours in advance.  The Atlanta Mayor, Fred Finchum, proclaimed he didn’t know meetings required agendas.  He should immediately resign since laws are too difficult for him. The hearing board should have three members, […]

Video Update: Laws do occasionally matter!

This is the link to the Edgar County Watchdogs story with video from the hearing held for the Atlanta Library petition challenges:  Library challenges By:  Diane Benjamin Frequently we all have to wonder if laws matter.  This morning they did in Logan County. Six people who had filed petitions to run for the Atlanta Library […]

Buragas proves council isn’t non-partisan

By:  Diane Benjamin The first day petitions for the City Council could be circulated was August 28th.  That’s almost 3 months ago.  Amelia Buragas finally decided on the final day that she wasn’t running again.  She probably notified Tari a few days ago which led to a frantic attempt to get signatures for a candidate […]

Another reason to end BEC

By:  Diane Benjamin I find it hilarious that Democrat Tari Renner threw and continues to be upset that his petitions were challenged.  Tari thinks he should not have been challenged, even though 204 signatures were found to be fraudulent. Meanwhile another Democrat, Board Chair of the Bloomington Election Commission, is challenging the petitions for a […]

Since Tari CONTINUES to claim . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner was back on WJBC this morning claiming the challenge to his petitions was “much ado about nothing”.  Listen Here Since Tari lives in an alternate universe, I got my hands on the actual tally sheets the Bloomington Election Commission used while reviewing signatures.  Many were tossed because the Signatures didn’t […]

WJBC: Please stop the FAKE NEWS!

By:  Diane Benjamin From WJBC website:  Article and News Reports Tari submitted 785 signatures, the election commission found 581 valid. Not only did Tari Renner turn in over 200 fraudulent signatures, WJBC choose not to report that!  See below. The reporter ignored the conclusions reached by the Bloomington Election Commission.  Isn’t the conclusion the most […]

Renner’s greatest hits

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been accumulating Renner quotes for a few days because they show his character.  If his petitions looked legitimate they wouldn’t have been challenged.  They didn’t.  If Kevin appeals the Election Commission ruling to a higher court, I bet more signatures would be thrown off.  They allow looking for patterns of fraud, […]

Diana Hauman stays on the ballot

By:  Diane Benjamin I caught part of a video live stream on Facebook from the hearing of Bruce Meeks’ challenge to Diana Hauman’s petitions.  It was enough to know the hearing was a lawyer’s game of procedures, not based on evidence. The Bloomington Election Commission has a lawyer and so did Diana Hauman.  Bruce Meeks […]

Petition hearings TODAY

December 9, 2016 These hearing are scheduled for today: Bruce Meeks objections to Tari Renner petitions – 9:00 am Bruce Meeks objections to Diana Hauman petitions – 10:00 Bruce Meeks objections to Joni Painter petitions – 11:00 Bruce Meeks objections to J Balmer petitions – 12:00 Bruce was served the wrong documents for the Renner, […]

Either laws matter or . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Before the hearing this morning at the Bloomington Election Commission started, Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs informed the Commission that the meeting was illegal because it violated the Open Meetings Act. The meeting time was not posted on the BEC website and no agenda was posted.  The agenda was important because […]

Tari’s Condescending Attitude

By:  Diane Benjamin Since I’m still appalled at the comments made by Tari Renner on WGLT, I want to make sure you saw them too. See the WGLT story here: “I think it’s unfortunate that some people, frankly on the extreme fringes of the right, want to cheat their way into elections,” said Renner. […]