3 of 4 hearings canceled!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I attended the 9:00am hearing this morning on the challenge of Bruce Meeks to the petitions filed by Tari Renner.

As I reported earlier (HERE), Meeks was incorrectly served for his 4 hearings today.  This appears to be the fault of the Sheriff’s Department.  Paul Shannon reported BEC gave them 4 packets of documents, the Sheriff then copies the documents and serves them.  They must have put them in the wrong packets before delivering them.

Since Meeks was served incorrectly, he demanded the service be done again and new hearing dates set just to make sure everything is perfectly legal.  The hearing at 10:00 did happen on the Meeks challenge of Diana Hauman’s petitions since he was served correctly on hers.  Bruce allowed BEC to serve him there on the other three to save the cost of serving him at home.

Attorney Robert Day was back, but he brought another attorney with him – Steve Mahrt.  Tari Renner had an attorney this time.  The room was packed with media and observers.

I will post video of the entire meeting when it’s done processing.  It will show that Robert Day and Paul Shannon knew yesterday that Meeks was not served according to the law.  No mention was made as to why action wasn’t taken then to fix it.

A person in the room sent me a message during the meeting that summed it up pretty well:

Who’s on First?

Meanwhile, some extra patrol officers were present to keep the peace.  On Monday we only had 2 – today THREE.  They were very nice.  I told them it’s scary that public officials are so terrified of citizens who know the law they request the police to stand close.  Obviously the citizens were correct on Monday since the meeting was rescheduled.

They left at 9:30 when I left.  I had to ask if they were allowed to leave because I did.  Nope, they were only scheduled until 9:30.

I remember when a group of us protested the IRS office a few years ago.  Homeland Security was present, I introduced myself.  He was listening to Rush Limbaugh in his car.  We had some fun talking about government’s paranoia of the wrong people.

10 thoughts on “3 of 4 hearings canceled!

  1. So, another media frenzy this afternoon!?! Will there be police buy-back for monitoring the meeting to prevent rioting?

  2. My hearing with the Miami Mouth Machine is at 2:30. I was served correctly. Probably will just be a hearing over the rules and reschedule.the hearing but who knows. I don’t even think they know.

  3. Now Diane, you know you are considered dangerous by the dishonest and must be watched by cops. What’s going on is incredibly sloppy. It’s beginning to appear that the sloppiness is intentional to claim they aren’t perfect so they can call anything improper as just a mistake – “we’re sorry”.

  4. Someone just had to call the police… LOL
    Quite the commission there I must say. Did they need directions on how to get to the place of business too?

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