The hearing video

This video should be done processing around 2:15.

See this story for what the video is:


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  1. Champaign is getting a portillos and they are not paying for it like Normal

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  2. I’m new to this website and this process, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but at 14:15 in the video, Ms. Williams sets the date of 12-15 and the various times for each hearing. The BEC website shows the date for these hearings is 12-9. Is that what they put out for the new notice (which is obviously incorrect) or is this just old info that has not been updated? Also, as I consider myself a pretty average citizen, how in the Sam Hill are voters supposed to be engaged in this process when it is so convoluted because no one in that office seems to be capable of keeping a calendar? Also, what was Mr. Shanon talking about when he said the Sheriff’s office must have opened the envelopes and made copies and sent the wrong things to Mr. Meeks? Why would the Sheriff’s office need copies and if they did why wouldn’t the BEC make a set to give to them as a professional courtesy? None of this makes any sense to me.

    1. The dates are VERY difficult to keep track of because they keep changing. Monday was delayed to Thursday and Thursday got delayed to Friday for one of the challenges. Each challenge needs two dates. At Friday’s they set the date for the second hearing on two cases. Since Meeks wasn’t served correctly, 3 of his meetings are reschedules to next week with part two not known yet.

      The Sheriff’s department needs to verify what Shannon said, lots of people have doubts. Yes, none of it makes sense.

  3. Thank goodness for video proof. It is stunning how ill informed they are about the law. They also don’t seem to be sorry for this fiasco. But worst of all, I sense a disrespect for the citizens WHO THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE TO. They appear inconvenienced, and put off by this. Seriously? How dare they. And finally, how is it possible the Attorney Day is allowed to continue to practice law? Disgraceful.

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