Petition hearings TODAY

December 9, 2016

These hearing are scheduled for today:

Bruce Meeks objections to Tari Renner petitions – 9:00 am

Bruce Meeks objections to Diana Hauman petitions – 10:00

Bruce Meeks objections to Joni Painter petitions – 11:00

Bruce Meeks objections to J Balmer petitions – 12:00

Bruce was served the wrong documents for the Renner, Balmer, and Painter hearings.  I have no idea how the Bloomington Election Commission will handle that one.

At 2:30 the hearing for objections filed by Kevin Gerrard to Tari Renner objections will be heard at 2:30.

This is the hearing that was cancelled on Monday and Thursday because of Open Meeting Act violation.

All hearings are open to the public – Room 403 of the Government Center.





6 thoughts on “Petition hearings TODAY

  1. And NOW we find Bruce was served the WRONG documents…. Is anyone in this election commission bunch honest in Bloomington?? What’s the next intentional “mistake”?

  2. Just like Hillary’s quest for president, the dems can’t win without lying and cheating and stealing. Their days of conquest are dying off. The people are awakening as they are tired of their crap!

  3. The agenda for Gerrard/Renner calls the meeting a “Special Meeting” not a “Hearing.” Not sure if there will be a ruling on the petition or just a ruling on the procedural rules.

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