Buragas proves council isn’t non-partisan

By:  Diane Benjamin

The first day petitions for the City Council could be circulated was August 28th.  That’s almost 3 months ago.  Amelia Buragas finally decided on the final day that she wasn’t running again.  She probably notified Tari a few days ago which led to a frantic attempt to get signatures for a candidate who supports him.  (That means Chip Frank doesn’t)  The petitions filed by Julie Emig have been challenged because they are not completed correctly.  If a person can’t get petitions filled out right, how can they sit on the Council and make decisions on how to spend $200,000,000+?

Amelia commented on the news WJBC was running this morning.  She claimed every Council person is doing what they think is best for the City.  I don’t doubt they think that is what they are doing.  Here’s the problem:  Is it best for the City to demand more and more money that must be stolen from taxpayers?  Amelia would say “yes”.  I remember her making a comment during her first election that a 1% Sales Tax increase is only a penny.  She misses the other 40-50 pennies government is also taking.

I’m sure the Council who voted for the Coliseum thought they were doing what’s right for Bloomington too.  Obviously they were WRONG!  

The most important characteristic voters need to know is:  What is the candidate’s philosophy for governing? 

Pretending to run as non-partisan means Council elections are a beauty contest.  Hard questions are never asked.  Democrats believe government solves problems and it’s their job to structure the economy as they see best.  Republicans are slightly better because at least the platform supports limited government and individual responsibility.  That doesn’t mean they vote that way, voting yes to spending is so much easier than explaining over and over why it’s a bad idea – if they even know why it would be bad idea.  Voters deserve to know who supports “right fit” and who would vote for common sense essential spending and eliminate the rest.  Pretending to be non-partisan hides their agenda.

The City of Bloomington budget increase around $40 million since Democrat Tari Renner was elected.  Bloomington has been sliding backwards ever since.  Renner has handpicked “yes” candidates for every election who support his big government philosophy.  Voters deserve to know who understands how destructive his policies have been to the local economy.  They deserve to know who supported candidates like socialist Daniel Biss for governor.  Voters deserve better than candidates claiming they are non-partisan.  They never have been.  Socialist democrats will govern Bloomington in the same way the party they support governs.  The failed politics of the State of Illinois under control of the big spending Democrats is now destroying the once a safe haven of Bloomington-Normal.

The last time Wards 2,4,6, and 8 were up for election was 2015.  School boards, Heartland Board, and a myriad of offices around the County were also elected.  The voter turnout in Bloomington was:      https://results.enr.clarityelections.com/IL/Bloomington/55083/151491/en/vt.html

It will be easy for Tari Renner to get his people elected if less than 10% show up in April.

You get the government you deserve.  In 2015 you got Amelia Buragas, Diana Hauman and Joni Painter (unexpired term).  Karen Schmidt and David Sage were unopposed.

The media has proven they aren’t capable of getting voters to local elections.  If you think Bloomington needs a better “right fit”, it will be YOUR job.

Normal is no different.  Candidates appointed to commissions aren’t there to oppose the Town agenda.  The most important thing voters in Normal need to understand is because the ballot says vote for ‘up to three”, it doesn’t mean you have to.  If you want an outsider like Stan Nord elected – ONLY vote for him.  At large-elections mean the establishment gets their picks elected because voters fall for voting the up to “three”.  That gives votes to candidates they don’t really want.

You need to get involved now!  Inform other people or the destruction will continue.





3 thoughts on “Buragas proves council isn’t non-partisan

  1. It is important obviously for people to get out and vote. But I have to wonder why these elections/primaries are not at the same time as the off year elections we just finished. It obviously would be less costly and would result in more votes on these elections. Oops just answered my own question….lower costs is not part of the Bloomington/Normal/McLean County/Illinois credo of soaking the tax payer. Then there is the fact crappy people are more likely to be elected in low voter elections


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