Bloomington Council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Ward 8 wasn’t represented as Diana Hauman was absent.  Of course nobody mentioned why.

The ISU kids showed up in Bloomington to support Tobacco 21 during public comment.  ISU has indoctrinated them well to believe government needs to “parent” the population for the good of the collective.  Sending your kids to college these days is a hazard to future freedom and liberty, high-paying careers are readily available without the time and expense of college.

City Manger Gleason claims the Council prefers the State of Illinois adopt it.  Maybe in the same year the State can outlaw tobacco products and legalize inhaling marijuana!   A comment as made about the brain not being developed until around age 25.  Using their logic, nobody should be allowed to smoke anything until 25.  Why stop there?  Why are 16 years-olds allowed to drive?

The Council (of course) passed the short-term rental tax.  Alderman Bray proved she’s a liberal RINO by demanding “inspections” in the future.  More “parenting” by government because people are too stupid to be self-reliant.  The on-line reviews of homes listed on sites like Airbnb obviously can’t be trusted.

City Manager Tim Gleason actually called this tax an “opportunity”.  Two members of the local hotel-motel association showed up to protect their failing business model.  Tari claimed Airbnb wants to be taxed!  Does this tax “level the playing field”?  Since the City has to provide no additional services for short-term rentals, it’s just a money grab and an attempt to protect a failing industry.  Which local hotel will be the first to close?  The current occupancy rates aren’t sustainable!

One good thing did happen – some bonds were re-financed supposedly saving over a million bucks by the time they are paid off.  With interest rates rising, how did they find a lower interest rate now?  The bonds were originally from 2005 and 2007.

Also passed last night was the tax levy.  The City claims the Equalized Assessed Value (EAV) has increased slightly.  Seven of the 10 council members had decreases in their assessed values, so where was the growth?

The Council meeting started late because a township meeting was held prior and it ran long.  The live-stream started before the township meeting ended.  The Township Assessor say challenges to the assessed value were up 37% this year.  Since some may not be resolved until January, that EAV number could still change.

The Finance Director gave his position report, as usual the documents he referenced are not included in the packet.  The only way to see them is to watch the video of the meeting.  Good luck being able to read them.

The video below starts with the end of the Township meeting.  The entire meeting was only around 45 minutes – once is finally started.


8 thoughts on “Bloomington Council last night

  1. Typical incumbent businesses, go whine and complain to the government and get them to help you build a moat to keep out new and innovative ideas. Maybe if these hotels thought more creatively like AirBnB they’d be doing better financially and not need to run to mommy and daddy in government. By the way, the AirBnBs are the least of the hotel industry’s worries in BN. They just make for a good scapegoat for the declining local economy, which Renner refuses to acknowledge. Anyone that views taxes as an “opportunity” is a jerk. Thanks for showing everyone who you truly are, Gleason. Of course, Tari would never select someone with a difference in ideology, especially in the role of Central Planner, er…I mean, City Manager. Tobacco is an easy political target, especially for the do-gooders on the Left. Could you imagine if, for example, the proposal was to raise the abortion age to 21? I suspect the students would complain about the overreaching of government violating their privacy and restricting their rights and access. Hmm…I guess it depends on the issue, eh kiddos?

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  2. also remember all these short term rentals will probably be stuffed into the “business” status,which means, wait for it, subject to King Tari’s privilege to be a business in Bloomington fee!


    1. Good call, Debra! This must be what Tari and the EDC mean by a business-friendly climate in Bloomington-Normal. Businesses need to make friends with the government. Diane – Let’s stay on top of how many business registration exceptions or “waivers” (think Obamacare) Tari issues to the businesses that he likes. Perhaps, he’ll have an easier time finding conservative-owned businesses than others. You know, those that are the “right fit”. Because we all know he’s going to play politics with that.

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  3. Government picking winners and losers is the definition of crony capitalism, which, in turn, is just an an attempt at an inoffensive term for fascistic economic practice.

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  4. Why is it when a Republican does something you do not like, all of the sudden they are a Liberal RINO…..we are where we are because of the Conservative RINO’s………………


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