The Media and Numbers

By:  Diane Benjamin I don’t know how many math classes a journalism major has to pass, but evidently it isn’t enough to see obvious problems with what they are told and then regurgitate.  There is a perfect example in today’s Pantagraph. The story is about Airbnb and the new 6% City tax that starts April […]

Bloomington Council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Ward 8 wasn’t represented as Diana Hauman was absent.  Of course nobody mentioned why. The ISU kids showed up in Bloomington to support Tobacco 21 during public comment.  ISU has indoctrinated them well to believe government needs to “parent” the population for the good of the collective.  Sending your kids to college […]

Normal taxing again!

By:  Diane Benjamin Just a few bills being paid Monday night:   Last year around 400 employees all got $60 Target gift cards for Christmas: ________________________________ Proving yet again you don’t really own your property in Normal: Normal wants to tax you for short-term rental of your house! Can’t sell because your house […]

It’s the Lies – too many of them

By:  Diane Benjamin Repeat lies often enough and either some people will believe them – or somebody might check the facts! Let’s check some facts! David Hales and the Coliseum management like to spout economic impact numbers.  If accurate, the City should be swimming in all the new revenue created by the amazing gift thrust […]

Sorry! I know what it is now

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington Normal Convention and Visitor’s Bureau gets a percent of the local Hotel/Motel Tax.  That is what the $41,666.67 is.  Evidently payments aren’t based on the actual tax collected per month, they got a check for the same amount in January. Maybe the total is adjusted to actual at the end […]