OOPS! Explain please Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

Thanks to a reader who pointed this out to me!  Around 1/3 of my stories are tips from readers, I REALLY appreciate it.

FY 2016 Adopted Budget Book 1-Budget Overview & General Fundd

The below is from Book One Budget Document on the City Website:  (including the spelling)  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=8220

Note it’s 2016 – the year that ended 4/30/16

See Page 81:

flaySo, why would Hotel/Motel Taxes collected remain flat?

The document also answers that question:

flat2What communities are adjacent to Bloomington with newer hotels?

Ding Ding Ding:


That means the Normal is now stealing Hotel/Motel Taxes from Bloomington.  Therefore, Tari wants an even newer hotel in his downtown to steal the taxes back!

That theory is so popular, Book 1 of the 2017 Budget says the same thing:  FY 2017 Proposed Budget Book 1a See page 67.

Remember when professor-developer-mayor Renner stated downtown hotels “usually ” create their own markets?  https://blnnews.com/2016/05/02/media-setting-you-up/

Obviously they haven’t here!

Since Hotel/Motor Tax is flat in Bloomington, that means the Bloomington hotels are being hurt by Normal’s foray into crony capitalism.  How are the DoubleTree and Chateau doing?  Is the City Council REALLY stupid enough to hurt existing businesses with more cronyism?  Which one are you trying to put out of business Tari?

Now see page 52 of FY 2017:

sourcesource2Big hit for 2017 Tari.  Is this why David Hales kept Kroger moving to Bloomington a secret from Normal?  Revenge?

I wonder if Giebelhausen’s investors know the hotel is to steal taxes?

One more thing you might not know:

Bloomington and Normal already share taxes received in the West side Enterprise Zone:

enterThis is page 398 of 2017 Book 1.

Maybe somebody should see how the sharing is going before falling for it again.

I’ve heard there are problems.



7 thoughts on “OOPS! Explain please Tari

  1. Continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result=insanity! Either that or the Mayor and Council fail to read the contents of the award winning financial reports and the Budget proposal before voting on it and all the other proposed projects. As I recall, the Enterprise Zone was expanded to include the location of the new Dystil Brewery–not sure if that means it will be part of the Intergovernmental Agreement to share tax revenue, though.
    Off topic but related–the proposed North Main TIF is being set up to help pay for the $1.4M cost of the property which is not included in the FY2017 Budget because the City doesn’t have the money. The property will be funded with a mortgage or from borrowing money from the General Reserve Fund to be paid back from all of the revenue the North Main property generates–or NOT.

    1. Skunk I think you are giving undue credit in that they don’t expect different results. Fleecing of the public seems to be their goal as that happens so frequently. It’s more about power, control, and rewarding the good old boy network of cronyism.

  2. Next Monday, 5/23/16, should be the Giebelhausen presentation since the following Monday is a holiday.

      1. I need to locate the person who vandalized the bench in downtown. JCPenny is having a home sale–down pillows anyone!?!

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