Citizens Fight Back: Logan County

By:  Diane Benjamin Logan County has more than it’s share of problems.  I’ve written a few stories about the Atlanta Public Library: These stories barely touch the surface of the problems in not only Atlanta, but now Lincoln. All the controversy revolves around one guy:  Bill Thomas. If the name sounds familiar, […]

Food fight: Downtown Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin I find it hilarious that Renner’s claim to economic development victories include two businesses stolen from Normal:  Dick’s Sporting Goods and a Kroger’s Superstore.  Both wanted more room, more room just happen to available in Bloomington – of course tax rebates didn’t hurt.  He still claims Greentop, Hy-vee, and now Ovation theaters.  […]

Bloomington is ANTI-business

By:  Diane Benjamin Governor Rauner ran on a platform of making Illinois business friendly.  He has failed because the Democrat super-majority in Springfield doesn’t care if companies move across the border to save millions of dollars.  They don’t care if Caterpillar leaves the state along with other companies who can’t compete in this high-tax high-regulation […]

Want cheap property taxes?

by:  Diane Benjamin Buy a Condo in the Ensenberger Building! I was looking for something else when I stumbled on some astounding numbers. Below are Condo Sales in the Ensenberger Building.  The Property Taxes are from the Assessor’s website.  Some properties list the Selling price, some don’t.  I looked up the ones without a selling […]

Reports from the Giebelhausen event

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve talked to 3 people who attended the Giebelhausen event last night.  Here’s the summary: Not many people attended Opposition far out-numbered supporters No new facts were presented Giebelhausen dreamed of more than one hotel downtown Nothing is going to happen without taxpayers being at risk Profit-sharing is the way he is […]

Giebelhausen speaks

By:  Diane Benjamin Without tips from readers I wouldn’t know a LOT of what I write about!  This is one of them: Meet The Developer/Facilitator Tomorrow – March 8th at 4 PM – 6 PM Show Map 407 W. Front St. Suite 1 Bloomington, IL The man putting this project together, Jeff Giebelhausen, will be […]

Giebelhausen: REVENUE sharing

By:  Diane Benjamin This document was handed to the Council last Tuesday night.  It has since been posted for the public:  Giebelhausen-additional information A few things struck me as strange.  The words Revenue Sharing are used when what is really meant is Cost Sharing. Yes, the City will see increased revenues if the project is […]

Nothing on line

By:  Diane Benjamin The only way to know what both developers proposed last night is to watch the video of the meeting.  Nothing was included for either developer in meeting documentation to the Council. The Giebelhausen presentation was vague.  He claims to have 3 hotels interested, but only if they get taxpayer money.  Why invest […]

Tari’s downtown obsession

By:  Diane Benjamin I think Tari’s constant focus on downtown comes from sites like this one: “What do baby boomers, families, young professionals and new U.S. immigrants all have in common? They’re driving the reurbanization of America. After decades of flight, cities are becoming the go-to choice of living. Access to amenities—including parks, transportation, restaurants, […]