Citizens Fight Back: Logan County

By:  Diane Benjamin

Logan County has more than it’s share of problems.  I’ve written a few stories about the Atlanta Public Library:

These stories barely touch the surface of the problems in not only Atlanta, but now Lincoln.

All the controversy revolves around one guy:  Bill Thomas.

If the name sounds familiar, he was a former administrator with the Olympia School District.  He then moved on to being a Route 66 developer and Economic Development head for Logan County.

NUMEROUS legal issues are under investigation by more than one agency.  To not interfere with the investigations I’m not going into more details.

But, today a document appeared on Facebook that ties many things together, including involvement by Bloomington’s downtown hotel guy – Jeff Giebelhausen.

Logan County is presently budgeting for next year.  They have a budget deficit that citizens want to close by ending payments going to Logan County Economic Development.  This is the first page of the document:


The document makes MANY claims.

It contains other names you will know – like Farnsworth.  The document is very well sourced and presented.   This is citizen journalism, I’m sure news will be coming out of Logan County soon.

Since the document is out in the public, I have no problem letting you see it:  Logan County

Just like I was ignored by the City of Bloomington concerning the Coliseum, law enforcement tried to not get involved in Atlanta and Logan County.  Those days are over.





One thought on “Citizens Fight Back: Logan County

  1. Thank you, Diane for your thorough research & report of Bill Thomas & his involvement of Economic Development Director for Logan County. It appears that he is one of the paid puppets that supports economic developers who are not from the community, but are looking to find ways to spend Logan County tax payers’ money for their own benefit. NO, there has not been any economic development that has created local jobs &/or generated commerce within the Logan County community.
    It is obvious that we should be contacting the county board with our concerns, but my experience in dealing with this corrupt group with the wind energy project, there were only a few that were willing to stand up against the corruption & that only lasted so long until bullying began & everyone then fizzled into favor of the project.
    In answer to your other questions, Yes the county board should exercise fiduciary responsibility and remove the Economic Development Executive Director till cleared of issues uncovered by the Citizens of Atlanta based on exposed practices, documents & video evidence. I’m in favor of removing the position, since it has not been benefiting the community.
    For the readers who aren’t following the Atlanta Library issues, you can check out the Edgar County Watchdogs site at
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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