Secret Meeting Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Once again Monday the Council has TWO meetings scheduled instead of just one regular meeting.  Besides discussing more Master Plans meant to bind the hands of future Councils and bankrupt citizens, they will convene another secret meeting for which the minutes will NEVER be released:

Why the Council would want to take even more property off the tax rolls (hurting themselves) is a mystery, but we have every right to speculate!  Since this Council only cares about downtown when few others do, think the land is downtown?

Maybe they want to buy the Front and Center building since the owner isn’t using it.  I hear the windows aren’t boarded up anymore.  Is that why $174.59 was charged to taxpayers at Panera and called “Professional Development”?  Did the real estate developer coach Admin and Legal on how to whip out the PCard?

Since everything is a secret, let’s try to guess!


The City has a budget deficit, citizens want the infrastructure fixed above anything else, but “land acquisition” gets 15 minutes.  Too bad the Coliseum didn’t get 2 minutes back in 2014.





14 thoughts on “Secret Meeting Monday

  1. How about buying the parking garage for the new library and bus stop? Word on the street it’s going to called “Amelia Center”


    1. The City already owns the garage. The plan would be to demolish it and rebuild with parking, bus terminal, retail and residential—multi-multi use.


  2. Whatever land is being acquired it is for some kind of development. It may be land for Hamilton/Bunn project or the purchase of some other easements. Last year $2.2M was spent on land purchases downtown. Before that $500K-$750K was spent on land for the library expansion. Before the City could purchase Front & Center, there would need to be meetings for litigation.


      1. That’s the point— the Huffs own it. The City could use eminent domain or try to negotiate with the Huffs. But, taxpayer dollars should not be used to purchase any property unless it is to be used for government function, not private enterprise.


      2. The history of the Bloomington Council has been to purchase properties for the purpose of entertainment under the guise of quality of life which continue to drain resources. The purchase of the $1.4M property on North Main might be the exception. It may just be handed over to the Kirks.


      1. That was the original intentions but financing the remodel is not going anywhere per the new owners


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