Nothing on line

By:  Diane Benjamin

The only way to know what both developers proposed last night is to watch the video of the meeting.  Nothing was included for either developer in meeting documentation to the Council.

The Giebelhausen presentation was vague.  He claims to have 3 hotels interested, but only if they get taxpayer money.  Why invest here is they can go to other cities who will pay part of the cost? – That’s Jeff’s line.

Bentley presented a more defined plan, but it won’t happen without taxpayer money either.

Giebelhausen starts at 51:50.

Bentley starts at 1:22:00

Giebelhausen presents some interesting “facts” on how many people support downtown redevelopment.  He also claims to have read the “blogs”.

Comments to the birdcage liner story don’t support his “facts”.

Watch both and decide for yourself.  Meanwhile, the City is spending staff time and paying Steve Friedman to narrow the choices.

How many past projects have taken lots of taxpayer money in staff time and legal expense – then went nowhere?  Paradigm?  The last Giebelhausen proposal?  Probably more.  How many projects did happen with projections being WAY off?  (Coliseum?)

Nothing presented last night is a done deal.  Citizens standing up to the Council does make a difference!  If you don’t want to pay for Uptown Bloomington – it’s up to you to stop it.

I hear the Marriott  talked to Bloomington about occupancy.  They are not at the 70% Steve Friedman reported is needed.   Local hotel management needs to speak up before Tari uses public money to destroy their businesses.



2 thoughts on “Nothing on line

  1. The Mayor thinks in-house work is for free. Why is the city paying them salary and benefits? The City Manager needs consultants to protect himself from blame even though there are highly paid staff that should be qualified to perform the consultant’s tasks. Isn’t that why the salaries and benefits are so high–to attract and retain the best?? Although, I must say this consultant made very good points last night–the Mayor, Staff and Council need to heed his advice.


  2. The Mayor and City Manager don’t care.By golly, they think that money grows on trees!! Why, now that they have one good cop gone for refusing to tow the line on maintaining ticket quotas and generating revenue for the city (which is now illegal), those remaining officers will step in line and keep those tickets flowing into the city coffers or the brass will find some reason to get rid of the underperformers. Yes siree, ol David Hales and Tari Renner, known for gouging the taxpayers at every turn, have taken to using the law to break the backs of the citizens of this city, and when an honorable officer refuses to do their bidding, they try to break him too. Sad. Really sad. One thing is very true though. Karma is a real bitch! So, they will go forth with this stupid plan, because they are stupid people, and they will spend our tax money on a hotel that we need like we need another Coliseum. In the meantime, they sit back figuring other ways to spend into oblivion, and a good , 19 yrs. on the job, is out his job as a BPD officer because he had ethics. Memo to Tari Renner: You could learn a thing or two from that man. You have a lot to learn about ethics.


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