Is Schmidt the new City Manager?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Alderman Schmidt was given a few minutes at the end of last night’s meeting to discuss proposed cuts by the Budget Task Force.  She is the one who held her own meeting a few weeks ago and she drove the conversation last night.

Tari put the Task Force together, but since the final report, only Schmidt is following through with any recommendations.  The Council is still no closer to acting on any or the proposals, but at least she isn’t letting it die.  Conversations will continue at their November retreat.

Alderman Fruin seems to understand the Council never decides anything.  See his comments starting around 2:38:00.  “Unfinished business” are the new buzz words.  What Schmidt and Fruin still don’t see is nothing happens because David Hales isn’t interested is cuts.  The last time Hales proposed cuts during budget talks he went straight for drastic cuts that citizens and the Council would hate.  It’s the tactic used by all big spenders not interested in cuts.

The most interesting part of the discussion is Alderman Black’s attempt to marginalize Alderman Lower.  Watch Lower’s comments starting at 2:43:10, then Black’s response following.  Lower punched back.


Which Alderman represents your views?

Black claims any Alderman can propose budget amendments.  Really?  I remember former Alderman Stearns being attacked by Renner for offering cuts.  Stearns and Lower had an extensive list of possible cuts the Council NEVER considered or discussed.

Some Council dynamics are changing.  Are Aldermen catching flack from citizens for the constant tax increases?  Do they realize Hales is an ineffectual City Manger?

Was Sage absent so he didn’t have to express an opinion?

I don’t remember Joni Painter saying one word during the 3 hours, other than “here”.  If I missed her, please let me know.




7 thoughts on “Is Schmidt the new City Manager?

  1. You are absolutely right and when Snotty Scotty accused Lower of pontificating, he really showed what a hypocritical ape he really is. Lower’s been preaching cuts in the areas he spoke of for quite some time-going back to when Ald. Stearns and he put together their comprehensive list of cuts last year that fell of deaf ears and was not even considered by the council including Snotty Scotty. I was also amused with the fact that the boy from the west side gave that one Developer (who owns the CII Bldg.) a hard time for having a civil suit against the city. Why should that matter? I didn’t see boy wonder getting upset when Mr. Snyder, whose company owes the city $500K+ for Development Fees (20 yrs. past due and still outstanding) when Mayor Renner appointed him to the Budget Task Force!


  2. “Pontificating”, hahahahahhahaha I just had to laugh on Black’s outburst. He must have been looking for an opportunity to use that word. I found his comment very dis-respective toward Kevin Lower. A very childish response by Black.

    I have a good feeling that Black’s term will be expiring at the next election. I sure hope so.


    1. Ditto. Alderman Black has become arrogant and unnecessary aggressive. Mr. Lower knows Bloomington Mr. Black is a recently graduated transplant. Mr. Lower has business (financial) experience. Mr. Black is too young to have much experience at all. Not any one council member can make a budget amendment or submit a resolution. Only the Mayor or City Manager can place an item on the agenda. In order to get an item on the agenda, there needs to be a request from a majority of council members. Learn your ordinances, Mr. Black before you start pontificating!!


  3. Mr. Black works at AFNI. It’s where people go when they can’t find a job elsewhere. Into the world of collections, although Black is in Human Resources, which of course is how he probably looks at human beings, as resources.


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