Koos, McCarthy, Huonker, Dullard, and Day should get the bill

By: Diane Benjamin

David Shestokas has spent 87.5 hours so far because of the referendum challenge. All of the above know they are going to lose, therefore they should get the bill.

To donate by check: 

Citizens for Districting Normal

21 Grandview Drive

Normal, IL  61761-4071

Go Fund Me is available on the website https://betternormal-il.com/support-us.   Note:  Go Fund Me reduces the impact of your donation to cover their service fee, so we prefer you mail a check.

The courtroom tomorrow is 5D – 2:30. See the final response to Dullard:

5 thoughts on “Koos, McCarthy, Huonker, Dullard, and Day should get the bill

  1. They should definitely get the bill. This legal maneuver of theirs is vindictive, retaliatory, and frivolous. It is unbelievable what an incompetent attorney brian day is. Just reading through this document it is stunning the number of times he inexplicably got it wrong. OR did he deliberately get it wrong to drag this farce out? It is so obvious what the law is on this matter, yet he attempted to argue to the contrary. What a fool.

  2. Brain Day did far more than simply get it wrong.
    1.) He fabricated what the court cases said that he cited.
    2.) He was playing Town Attorney and Dullard’s attorney at the same time.
    Normal should be sued for allowing this, and Day should be fired and sanctioned by the bar.

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