WJBC: Please stop the FAKE NEWS!

By:  Diane Benjamin

From WJBC website:  Article and News Reports

200Tari submitted 785 signatures, the election commission found 581 valid.

Not only did Tari Renner turn in over 200 fraudulent signatures, WJBC choose not to report that!  See below.

The reporter ignored the conclusions reached by the Bloomington Election Commission.  Isn’t the conclusion the most important part of the story?

Why did they ignore 204 signatures were tossed?





17 thoughts on “WJBC: Please stop the FAKE NEWS!

  1. The game is rigged completely in this town. Crony Capitalism at its worst. This is of course not going to forestall the looming disruption of our two economic drivers. We are on a highway to economic ruin as our leadership plays games.


      1. No… something silly right or a way to throw money down a rat hole? Another 2.5 million dollar hot dog stand or a want-to-be car company that has 2 patents and no money? I can hardly wait Diane!


  2. WJBC airs a lot of bullcrap. The day before the election Pamela Sweeteood did a forum calling for unity and cooperation for whoever wins the election. Pamela called for the results of the election to be accepted and expressed her hope that no matter who wins that they do a great job and that those who opposed them will become true believers.
    Now fast forward to Pamela’s first WJBC forum since the election that aired yesterday. Everything she said before the election was Bullcrap. Apparently, since her candidate lost the results should no longer be accepted. Unity and cooperation is no longer needed. And everyone shouldn’t become true believers in the new President. WJBC has become an embarrassment over the past decade.


  3. Seems ALL the media in this town have gone to “The dark side” They report what is handed them in “micro blab” fashion, and damned be the REAL news. WGLT has become the expert at it, followed by WJBC. I’m betting on an underwater goat tail weaving facility for elderly people next.


      1. The legacy media both nationally and locally is being challenged by the people’s media. The legacy media is dying and being replaced by web/social media based media. There is plenty of Fake News out there and 99% of it is coming from the establishment corporate media.


  4. And the REAL problem with “fake media” is some poor school child writing a report and reads something like “I can see Russia from my house in Alaska” and it gets stuck as fact in their brain for life. This in turn propagates MORE mis-information IF that poor child becomes a reporter, and remembers that as FACT!


  5. I would like to know what percentage of advertising revenue comes from government entities and pseudo got entities to wjbc and 92.9 and pantagraph.


  6. Why does the “mainstream” media leave out what they choose? Because it serves their purpose – which is to sway public opinion not present the news as it is…


  7. Did the media go and observe the commission team as they reviewed the petition? Does the media even understand the ruling? Also remember, the objection rules we’re not in place prior to the hearing. The rules were voted on at that meeting. Renner prevailed because of case law, not statute. Apparently in Illinois, actual legal signatures don’t need to be on the petition.


  8. We would of had more signatures thrown out had it not been for technical objections from Renners lawyer. I’m glad we went through this excersise, and I want to remind everyone it is your right under our The the laws of this state, to file objections to petitions. Only tyrants consider it frivolous and a waste of time and money. They bark their resistance because they know they are guilty.

    As for WGLT, we should start exerting pressure either at the Governors Office or at the State Legislature. The college radio station should be operated and managed by college students and not retired and fired staff and personalities from WJBC. These people who have been pushed back to the “farm team” are probably enjoying state benefits and working on a state retirement for themselves. This is a waste of tax money. I know they also take private donations like the rest of the university, but wasteful tax dollars are being spent on third rate talent that has to displace college kids because they can’t find employment elsewhere.


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