Since Tari CONTINUES to claim . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner was back on WJBC this morning claiming the challenge to his petitions was “much ado about nothing”.  Listen Here

Since Tari lives in an alternate universe, I got my hands on the actual tally sheets the Bloomington Election Commission used while reviewing signatures.  Many were tossed because the Signatures didn’t match.  Others didn’t live in Bloomington.  Others were illegible, some weren’t registered to vote.

I purposely made these small to save space, but click on any of them to enlarge.  These are only the signatures that were challenged.  You can see for yourself that collecting valid signatures wasn’t a high priority.  In addition, Kevin Gerrard was not allowed to talk about patterns.  A court probably would have decided that differently.

Tari also claimed a notary is not required to administrator an oath.  From the Illinois Notary handbook – page 23:


Much ado about nothing? You decide!



scan0040 scan0041 scan0042 scan0043 scan0044 scan0045 scan0046 scan0047


7 thoughts on “Since Tari CONTINUES to claim . .

  1. I heard a ward 3 candidate (not sure who) on WGLT this morning talking about the whole signature thing. He was saying that printed names should be valid since cursive isn’t taught anymore. First of all, cursive is still taught at least at D87 schools. Second, to my knowledge, nothing prevents a person from printing their name when registering to vote. The point is the signature on the petition has to match what was on the voter registration card otherwise there is no way to prove the candidate actually gathered the signatures. If I’m wrong, please correct me.


  2. Balmer’s papers were challenged. The challenger was unable to attend the scheduled hearing due to weather conditions, thus the challenge was dropped.


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