Stanford AGAIN

By:  Diane Benjamin

At the October 20, 2016 meeting this was approved:

hnacNotice anything strange?

It doesn’t say who the contract was given to!

That information had to be obtained by FOIA:

mthNext, see who the Village Clerk for Stanford is – the person who writes the minutes:


Understand now why the minutes don’t say “Contract awarded to Josh Phillips”?

My sources and Facebook say Josh and Megan are married!


The FOIA request doesn’t show any bids for monthly service.

One more problem:  The Village approved monthly maintenance that includes filter changes.  The note from Josh says filters aren’t included.



The Village can’t legally pay any additional charges without voting to change the maintenance contract they passed.







  1. Edgar County Watchdogs says:

    Is Mr. Phillips licensed to operate a business in Illinois?


  2. I just searched State of Illinois – Department of Professional Regulation ( and there is no evidence of any registration needed for HVAC. And, I searched the some site for JOSH PHILLIPS of STANFORD, IL


  3. Over the hill says:

    I’m sorry it does not cost 125.00 per month to check maintenance. Air filters are changed every 90 days tune ups are once a year checking for leaks, freon, cleaning flues , etc. I personally think this is a conflict. It may be legal due to laws but it’s not right.


    • Over the hill says:

      I also think since there is some sort of relations to the clerk even though he or she has no voting rights. I think the board was seriously taken advantage of in this situation. You as a citizen should be ashamed of yourself and decline this contract and not take advantage of the tax payers to make a easy quick buck.


  4. Josh Phillips is on the Zoning Board, according to the Stanford web-site!
    Megan Phillips is Village Clerk/Collector!


  5. Over the hill says:

    Can someone also please explain to me how is Jeremiah Pitcher A Board trustee in stanford on the Zoning board of appeals and serve as a trustee? Those are two separate government functions


  6. Over the hill says:

    I thought a trustee can serve on committees but not as a zoning board of appeals again may need to check what type of government they are.


  7. Dawson Lake says:

    Not to long ago, BLN was on a kick about Bloomington business’s going out of the era to hire contractors to do work in town. Now a small, 600 population, rural town is using local business’s and the City Fathers are now crooks and thieves? Question to BLN, where or at what number does it become correct to use local’s?

    You bet it would be great if a Windmill Generator Company would come into this Township and start a Wind Farm and help put more tax revenues into this Community. That is about the only chance of increasing income to finance the requirements of the Town. Instead of shooting at a distance, go and talk to the Board or at least make some attempt to interview some of the town folk.

    As for only a few being willing to help with local problems and operate the City and Township Governing body’s, you are correct. Stanford is a bedroom community and people live there because it is a quiet, rural, and convenient to Bln-Nrml and Peoria for jobs. But come the end of the day, the town still has needs that have to get done, and so they do them the best way they can with the money’s and people they have.

    Have a nice day.


    • In regard to the comment on wind farms, I would suggest that you do your homework. You can start by reading the news posted on this site. Wind energy is subsidized and that money comes from tax payer dollars. It’s interesting that both Relight & InvEnergy have not been paying their taxes and Relight is probably going to file for bankruptcy. Wind energy is not green, not clean, and it’s not cheap! Instead taxpayers are funding these insane projects that are ruining people’s health & damaging the environment, just to mention a few of the issues. The only people who profit are the wind energy companies & those taking payments for these projects.


      • Dawson Lake says:

        Donna, if you do watch all forms of our energy sources, you would also be aware of the bill just passed in Springfield to mass subsidize Nuclear Energy just to keep them on line. This is about our States third or fourth time, not to mention the original cost over runs to build it in the first place. I haven’t taken the time to mention Big Oil’s free money, of your’s, they get every year. As to health issues,any guess’s as to the Red Alert in China of Air Pollution and Smog? Not knowing your age, but when was the last time you heard the words Smog Alert for Los Angeles, Ca? and if Environment is so important, why can we not eat the fish out of Clinton Lake?


  8. Definition of insanity is keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why IL and our country are broke!


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