Dick Durbin: King of FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sen Dickie Durbin sent me an email today claiming the Electoral College isn’t what the Founders intended.  Yes, FAKE NEWS does exist!  Durbin not only spreads his lies to his email list, he is allowed to spout on any media source that refuses to challenged him.

The media enables his FAKE NEWS, this isn’t opinion that conservatives don’t agree with – it’s outright lies.






clinton trump

Maybe Dickie hasn’t seen the two maps below.

Source: http://www.vividmaps.com/2016/12/trumpland-and-clinton-archipelago.html
Can Dickie honestly say that Clinton represents more of the country than Trump?

No, but Durbin isn’t known for his honesty.

We deserve better than Lyin’ Dick.

9 thoughts on “Dick Durbin: King of FAKE NEWS

  1. This rant sounds like Renner’s FB page. What does Durbin–or anyone for that matter–know what the Founding Fathers “intended.” The Founding Fathers were extremely well educated–certainly more educated than Durbin. They had observed the pitfalls of the government of their homeland. This country, the United States, is a federation of states. The power is to remain in the hands of the state–each is to be represented. Maybe someone should ask Durbin if it is appropriate for him, as one of a few, to make decisions that affect the entire country.


  2. If it was the other way around they would be defending the EC and we would be touting Popular Vote. Glad it turned out this way, that map says it all.


  3. I think we derserve a government that doesn’t see us as votes or a platform. All Durbin is doing is trying to get votes. Indeed if his candidate won, he would be defending the Electoral College. People like Trump get elected when government thinks they serve their campaign donors and friends and not their constituents. Sadly, I don’t think Trump’s election will result in any worthwhile change. The swamp is getting filled with more muck and stale water. I think it will be business as usual.


  4. Hmmm, if we use this map example of the Trump Map versus the Clinton Map could we then use this type to determine where our McLean County Supervisor Board gets voted from? By area rather than population? Interesting concept.


  5. If we’re going to follow Dick’s twisted logic, then we’ll have to dump the U.S. Senate as well and maybe then we can have freedom from politicians like Durbin who reprint the absolute worst of America.
    The problem with Durbin and his ilk, is they view politics as a science. (Are you hearing me Tari Renner). Science is concerned with function, processes, quantitative theory, results that are often void of the ideals and simple propositions that were clearly front and center in our founding documents. With people like Durbin, the ends justify the means and ultimately everything is one big power grab. The electoral college is one device that stands in his way. It was a brilliant concept instituted by our founding fathers to protect us from people like Durbin. It’s part of many checks and balances in our government that are there to ensure accountability and balance of power. No wonder he wants to do away with it.


  6. The Wikipedia page for the electoral college has a lot of great information about the history behind its creation. Mr Durbin could learn a lot by taking 10 minutes to read it. It was specifically designed to dilute the power of large numbers of people concentrated in a small geographic area. This country is too big to apply the same solutions and ideas across the nation. What works on the coasts does not necessarily work in the heartland.

    Interestingly enough, the original idea was for electoral votes to be assigned by the winners of congressional districts, but states realized they could increase their importance by a winner take all allotment. So going back to the original idea would actually better represent the overall population (that’s my opinion as least). I can’t say for sure, but I would think Trump would have gotten even more electoral votes as some of the votes from IL, CA, and NY would have gone to him. I do know if that system was in place in 2012, Obama would have still won, but not by as much.


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