I was trying to be nice . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

I have no idea why Bloomington needed a new website.  The one they had worked far better than others in the area – especially the McLean County website.

They built a new one anyway.  Since I am a programmer, I know it’s very difficult to find all the problems when launching extensive changes.

Instead of posting the problems here, I sent the IT department an email through the City website last night:

city2(The “a” should have been “and” – I really need a new computer that doesn’t frequently “not responding” when I’m typing!)

This morning I got a nice response from IT – except for one thing:

city1Nora Dukowitz is supposedly the Communications Manager.  This is a position that didn’t exist before Tari Renner became Mayor.

Last year with salary and benefits, Nora was paid $82,965.55.

Is Nora part of the IT department now and the missing links are her fault, or is she paid to monitor all internal communications?

Hey Nora:

How about communicating to the citizens why the financial statements for the year ended 4/30/2016 haven’t been released!

I believe her position was justified with “every large organization has a communications manager”.  Every large organization wouldn’t be operating with NO financial information!  City Council:  How can you make decisions with NO data?

I know the State Police is still investigating at the Coliseum, maybe we should assume the City is being investigated as well and they aren’t allowed to release the financial statements.

Hey – if they won’t say why the statements are 8 months late, we can make up our own story!

There is NOTHING better than information that’s a year old when deciding how to spend money!

The Illinois Policy Institute needs to repossess that transparency award.


6 thoughts on “I was trying to be nice . . .

  1. This is so refreshing to me to see that there’s someone else out there who is just as pissed off about Nora being copied on City of Bloomington emails as I am. A while back I sent an email to the Council at large which is quite an experience. When I did get a response from one Council member I was shocked at the number of people who received my one email to the Council at large. It’s a sure sign that the City of Bloomington is constantly in spin mode.


  2. Nora seems to be Hales’ personal assistant making sure he is informed. Sending emails to citycouncil.org are screened through her, at least in Hales’ absence.


    1. It’s called paranoia. It’s running rapid in the city of Bloomington and everyone is running for cover. It’s Nora’s job to follow the marching orders of Hales and Renner on how to spin it.


  3. Well look at the bright side, it keeps her from conspiring with her sister and The BikeBloHo Gang and from making up fictictous stories of being stalked and frightened to death. I wonder what her real job is? Does she set Hales lunch out for him everyday? Does she shine shoes? Does she start rumors at David and Tari’s requests so everyone’s at each other’s necks? Does she pop out of Birthday cakes? Just what the heck does ol Nora do? Maybe she is the company spy after all, mums the word. That girl will never be Deep Throat.


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