Selzer: You shouldn’t delete if you believe

By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader sent me screen shots of a conversation County Board member David Selzer was having on Facebook about moving the County Board meetings to 7:00 at night.  If he hadn’t deleted the conversation, I probably wouldn’t be posting it here.  Evidently Selzer knew he was wrong.  More than one person was in on this conversation – besides Selzer.

The reader didn’t send me everything that was said, just the important parts – like Selzer not believing in the Open Meetings Act!

Part of the conversation repeats, but you will figure that out.  Selzer thinks moving Board meetings to evenings was done by the Democrats.  I seem to remember GOP Board member Josh Barnett was involved – is he really a Democrat Dave?

















  1. Haha! “Just wait for the fun…”. Could he be referring to an appearance of the Edgar County Watchdogs? Both Bloomington City Council and the BEC had that “fun” experience.


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